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A day in the life at a yoga school in Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh YogPeeth Daily Schedule:

200hour Yoga Teacher Training

June 19-July 15, 2017

6am: Wake up

6.30am: Herbal Tea

6.45am: Neti pot (nasal cleansing)

7-9am: Yoga class including asana (poses)/pranayama (breath/energy technique)/meditation class.

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9-10am: Breakfast buffet style. Usually fruit, porridge and rice or lentil/chickpea savoury dish. Shower time!

10am: Philosophy class with Vijeth learning about the history of yoga and the different schools of yoga. He is so young, yet so knowedgable. He is so amazing and zen!

11.15am: Anatomy class with Neha. Coming from a corporate background in Delhi, yoga has helped transform her life! Anatomy is quite a challenging topic, particularly with language barriers.

1-2pm: Lunch which is rice, some kind of soup or raw vegetables and 2 varieties of curries or one curry and one lot of cooked vegetables. Yum when you’re well, not so much when you’re sick!

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3-4pm: Teaching Methods class where we worked in pairs, experimented with poses and adjusting each other. Deepa was our AM yoga teacher and foresees most of the program. She’s so lovely, knowledgeable and brings humour it.


5-7pm: Yoga class with Azad – This was the most I had been pushed in a yoga class before. It was a love hate thing haha. So good for me as it challenged my mindset, strength and endurance.

7-8pm: Dinner which is usually similar to lunch.


8pm on: Study in our rooms (to complete our assignment where we picked 25 poses and wrote all about them including verbal cues and modifications), at a cute Ayurvedic cafe eating raw vegan cheesecake and chai, or chilling with new friends. Bed before 10pm as you are usually exhausted by then.


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Every second or third day has to be washing day… bucket and Sard soap (thank gosh I packed some, you can pay to get your clothes washed, but it was 50 rupees ($1AUD) a piece).


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Oh and as a side note, my fan was broken, toilet doesn’t flush for 2/4 weeks, the power point was hanging out of the wall until I asked for it to be fixed, and power goes off regularly (thank gosh for back up generators which bring it back on promptly). Staff were very helpful and fixed things when asked. It was all part of the experience!

On Saturday we don’t have classes, only yoga sessions and on one week that was a walk instead. Sunday was an excursion day. One week to a mountain top temple, I missed the other two Sundays as I needed rest. Whenever you’re told a time in India times it by 3. It was a long, hot, but great day. And yes there really are no road rules and cows are all over the roads interrupting the traffic. Oh and horn noises! Ahhh! In Australia it’s rude, but here a toot is like hello. Haha.


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In June/July, it’s monsoon season so it’s tropical weather like Darwin. It’s so hot and sticky until it rains. Especially in the yoga hall. So the rain is very much welcomed!


I hope this helps you to gain some insight, on your yoga journey. Please email me if you would like to make a time to speak further: greentwellness@gmail.com






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