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The Three S’s to a Guilt-Free Easter

So the question I often get at this time of the year is: how do you enjoy Easter with no dairy!? Even if you don’t believe in plant-based diets, keep reading, as this post may just help you to get out of Easter, a little more guilt-free!

Now those of you who know me, know that I do not focus on weight, however, it is often a by-product of healthy living. So how can we do that?

By using my three S’s to enjoy your Easter:

  1. Schedule: Make time to cook food that you enjoy and that will fuel your body. Yes you can have your hot cross bun and eat it too! Cooking can not only bring the family together, but also allows you to make all your Easter goodies, without the guilt! How can you get the kids/partner/friends involved?
  2. Substitute: Find new, modern, healthy recipes to your old favs such as; hot cross buns, brownies, and chocolate (You can find the recipes in the links). I love cooking, especially for my friends and family! I love to google an old fav and then work out how I can make it healthier. A few ideas I use in my cooking:
    • Natural/low fructose sweeteners instead of refined sugar: rice malt syrup, dates, stevia
    • Flour: Gluten-free options such as buckwheat flour, almond meal, arrowroot, protein powder, psyllium husk.
    • Eggs: Chia seeds
    • Chocolate: Dark chocolate. ‘Lindt’ 90%+ is great, as it doesn’t have all of the sugar and additives that other chocolates can have. If it is a bit too bitter for you, add some of your own sweeteners (mentioned above).
  3. Savour: If you CHOOSE to have that piece of chocolate, or hot cross bun (or 2)… Savour it! Really take the time to enjoy each chew and be grateful for this time of year and the amazing food we get to share with friends and family. It has to be true that negative thoughts about a food send it straight to our hips… I am convinced! Everything is energy after all! Instead we need to love on our food, and if we take the time to be mindful and chew we will enjoy it more, and naturally eat less. Also savour those primary foods (non- foods such as career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality). Particularly relationships at this holiday time…


So in closing, where can you use any of the 3 S’s for your Easter? And what about those primary foods…Where can you be more present in your interactions with your loved ones?


Comment below, I would love to hear from you!


From Me to you… Have a very




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