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A sneak peak into my pantry

Healthy substitutions for the holiday period.


Here is the down low on how I make traditional recipes still tasty and also healthy;



Braggs organic sprinkle (24 herbs and spices seasoning), lemon (our sour and salt taste buds are next to each other, so using lemon in place of salt tricks our taste buds), apple cider vinegar.



We could fight over this for days! Haha. Listen to your body and what you feel is right for you. Is it wholefoods? Then choose dates (as nature intended, but do contain fructose), rice malt syrup (for you I quit sugar peeps – no fructose, still processed), coconut sugar (low GI, again contains fructose). I find dates great for nice-creams and bliss balls, rice malt for syrups/sauces and in my kombucha, and coconut sugar for baking cookies.



Omit where possible (it is still a processed product where fat has been extracted). So the answer….Water! Yep you read right. Simple! It may take a little to adjust to, but it works well, just add some garlic and onion or other spices for flavour. I have also read about people using apple juice.



Oh the options are endless here too! Almond meal is my go to (I make my own by activating the nuts then grounding them down). I will also sometimes halve the almond meal and add in ¼ of fibre boost and ¼ of protein boost. You can also use a few tsp of arrowroot or buckwheat (this is a sticky option, so I often will mix a few tsp of arrowroot and/or almond meal in). GF organic oats can also be ground down and used as flours, as can rice and other grains, nuts and seeds (like sunflower and pumpkin seeds).



I encourage cutting it out entirely (full of vegetable oils – nasty) and ‘crowding out’ with avocado or nut butters (almond is best, as it is less acidic). If you choose to eat animal products, choose organic, grass fed butters. I use organic extra virgin olive oil (for savoury) and coconut oil (for sweet) sparingly. I love using almond butter in my cookies in place of margarine.



Almond mil mainly, occasionally coconut milk. Brands: Nutty Bruce, Pure Harvest. Savoury yeast flakes/nutritional yeast (same thing, different name often) for cheese.



Oh the options are endless, really! Wholegrains (quinoa), beans and legumes (chickpeas, black beans, lentils etc).



Water with lemon and/or mint or kombutcha (these come in stubbies, so make you fit in at the family BBQ!)


Bottom line… Find a recipe, and substitute the traditional ingredients for one of the above. Works well – keep doing it. Doesn’t work – try again. Start to be brave and experiment with your cooking. You will be pleasantly surprised 😀


For a whole heap of recipes doing just this, click on the recipes tab.


Send me through your recipes too, and we can see what we can come up with together.


Enjoy and happy experimenting!

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