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About Tara

I am Tara Green, Holistic Health and lifestyle coach, based in a small country town, Bundalong, just outside of Yarrawonga, Victoria, Australia.

Have I always been ‘healthy’?

Have I always been a health and lifestyle coach? Oh, gosh, no!


My health journey did not really begin until my final year of university in 2008. During the four year course (Bachelor of Speech Pathology) I had put on twenty kilograms! Something needed to change, so I started exercising (walking), and cutting out processed carbohydrates. Four years of alcohol, bad food, lack of exercise and study/work (in that order mostly), had taken a toll on my body. In twelve months I had lost the twenty kilograms, but it came at a cost. My body had started detoxing. I had my gall bladder removed and tonsils and adenoids out in the following three years.

I continued on my health journey, while I worked as a paediatric Speech Pathologist with children with disabilities (specialising in feeding difficulties/fussy eaters). I committed myself to learning more about foods and exercise, but my relationship with the two, especially food needed to change.

I had a history of emotional eating, binge eating and starving myself. I saw food as the enemy and something that made you fat. It was an ongoing battle, even though I had lost the weight, I fought so hard to keep it off. For over a decade this relationship lasted, until finally the personal development world crossed my path in 2012. It saved me from the burn out I was experiencing in my career. After twenty-five years I had finally started to learn what self-care really was.  My beautiful friend Claire Baker (owner/founder of ‘This is Lifeblood’) was the real catalyst for my transformation and I found myself studying Holistic Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, online.

I completed the study online for one year whilst also running my own business and working as a Speech Pathologist two days a week. I learned more than a hundred dietary theories (and tried a lot of them) alongside a variety of different practical lifestyle coaching methods.

It was in October 2014 when things really started to hit me. I came off the contraceptive pill after twelve years, had significantly changed my diet (plant-based wholefood, see my blog here on the benefits), quit Speech Pathology, promoted in my business and was dealing with the loss of my cousin, so you can imagine my health at the time, in particular my hormones!

I had not long started coaching clients, and knew that I needed to walk the talk. So I too gathered my team around me (no one can do this thing called life alone)… I had my wellness coach, acupuncturist (amazing for hormones), naturopath, doctor, friends and family. I also immersed myself in reading and listening to other amazing health gurus, Nat Kringoudis, Melissa Ambrosini, Sarah Wilson, and again Claire Baker.

Fast-forward two years and I am a pillar of health… haha! Well, maybe…most of the time… Health is a journey and not a destination. So I constantly have my team around me, and up the anti when I need to.

As the amazing Melissa Ambrosini puts it – “we cannot un-know what we know.” So the first step is really awareness, then consciously taking action… Because we are all creatures of habit. I now know that I have the tools to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life, I just sometimes need the occasional reminder.

Since I started my journey, I have successfully coached over 50 women one on one and in groups, to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

So it is my goal that the information you find on this site (or by working with me) gives you the tools to allow your health, wealth and happiness to skyrocket!

-Tara xx

Things I Love


Be the light that helps others see! Some people may think I ‘work’ too much or too hard. 1. I do not think I do, I have ‘balance’, and 2. It is not work when you love what you do! Seeing people lit up, finding that spark within themselves again, is indescribable!

sweet meadow 2

My Family

I am so blessed to have 2 very supportive parents, one younger brother and sister-in-law and 3 adorable nieces. As well as a large extended family around me, who I love dearly.


My Man

Not only was I so lucky when this amazing man literally fell into my world in December, 2015, (thanks to my beautiful friend Anna), but I also gained the most incredible ‘in-laws’ (not official haha). Also adding 2 handsome ‘nephews’ into the mix!

IMG_7724 (1)


I have always had a strong interest in food and cooking, and helping people. I was told that psychology would be too much to handle, and that chef life is too tiring, and horrible hours. I thank the day that health coaching was created! It is amazing how things always work out in the end! Again I LOVE serving… figuratively and literally. So entertaining for others is something I love to do.



I had seen the amazing benefits of yoga, for about the past 5 years, and when my incredible man encouraged me to train to become a teacher, I had NO idea, how much it would change our lives, and my businesses. India literally was life changing! Head to the yoga tab to hear more on this!
Oh and this brings to me to my next loves…

Ariel Yoga

This takes me back to feeling like a kid… Hanging upside down and doing tricks! Lots of fun and a great workout.
And another one… yoga with water based activities:


Stand up paddle board… YOGA! Water and yoga all in together! So much fun!


Water Skiing

We were born by the water, and every Sunday we would be out the river until sundown skiing with friends and family, so it was no surprise that James and I hit it off so well, when one of the first things we spoke about was him being a ski instructor. You had me at ‘ski’!



The only thing that costs us, that makes us richer. A passion my man and I share. Lucky for entrepreneurship and time, money and location freedom!


My Training

I received my training as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program.

During my training, I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

My education has equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and my knowledge of different dietary theories, I work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.

My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

My approach is not to dwell on calories, carbs, fats, and proteins. It is not to create lists of restrictions of good and bad foods. Instead, I work with my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

We’ll work together to reach your health goals in areas particularly, balancing hormones and managing stress, in order to achieve optimal weight, reducing food cravings, increase sleep, and maximising energy. As we work towards these goals, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health and most importantly happiness.

My Experience

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