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Age is just a number

I put out a question to my Facebook followers this week…. How old am I in each of the following photos!?

The first photo was taken at my 22nd Birthday at 83kgs+! Note the food around me – salt, BBQ sauce, sponge cake with cream, sugar, cream, sugar and more cream!

The second picture was taken a few weeks before my 29th Birthday at 61kgs! I managed to loose just under 20kgs the year I left Uni and started working, 2009. Since that time I have kept most of it off, but have yo-yo’d a little.

The food that we put in our bodies, how we move ourĀ  bodies, our relationships, our self care and what we put on our skin really impacts on the overall health of every ounce of us. Was it easy to do? To start no! So how did I do it? I created habits, that’s all it is, the longer you practice something the easier and more automatic it becomes. I started with walking, cutting out white processes carbs and getting support around me. Then bit by bit it became easier and I started to up the anti… I was running, then ended up stepping foot inside a gym, I started doing weights.

My personal growth journey was further extended in 2012 when I joined Arbonne. Not only did I find out the importance of what goes on my skin, but I also learned to look after myself emotionally – I was reading books again, listening to inspiring people and meditating… yep you heard right! By starting to use ultra-premium products on my skin I noticed the pigmentation on my face significantly reduce, the eczema on my arm also began to disappear within one week and my energy increase through the amazing nutritional products.

This past 12 months, since starting my health coaching journey, is where I have learned to really fall in love with food and my body and feel so comfortable in it. I no longer see exercising as a chore, in fact I am exercising less. I now see food as a fuel, not as something bad that makes you fat. I love the food I eat and I get enjoyment out of cooking. Also being in my dream job, choosing when I work and who I work with and being surrounded with supportive people that I love is also a huge piece of the pie (don’t mind the pun).

So my point…. age is just a number, how old we are is hugely impacted on by the way we live our lives, while the one sponge cake a year is not going to kill us, eating these kinds of foods every day, will dig us an early grave with our teeth. We don’t have to get old and sick and die… Born, live, die, is my motto… Finish off with a bang. Not old and frail and sick!

If you would like to hear how to get more balance in your circle of life, then pop me an email – greentwellness@gmail.com or text – +61428531454 to hook up a chat.

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