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Being Bad and Routines

Do you ever just do something ‘bad’ because you can? I am not talking about robbing a bank, but how about mixing things up a bit, doing something out of your usual routine…?

Being ‘good’ is often a myth linked to ‘proper health’, but being ‘good’ can often mean putting everyone else before you, conforming to societal norms and doing everything perfectly. Resinating with you?

Being bad

My bestie/cousin and I being ‘bad’ in Venice on our Euro Trip in 2010… Talk about breaking routine!

After being sick my routines really went out the window. I’m always the ‘good girl’, working hard and sticking to my routine of what ‘they’ say I should be doing. Personal and professional development, working my business and trying to fit in some self-care – socialising with friends, seeing family… just chilling.

Typically I get up, journal, meditate for 10 minutes, read 10 pages of my book, exercise and then start my work day… Which is usually at home under the heater in this cold winter weather.

But I tell you what… gee it was liberating to break that routine (even though I was unwell), and it continued for a few weeks after. I slept in until 7 or 8am (wooh!), didn’t exercise, or if I did it was very light – yoga or a little walk and I ate carbs and chocolate (dark of course)! And journaling, reading and mediating… hmmm, no thanks. Sometimes we need to have these times to really care for ourselves. Take the pressure off. Take our foot off the gas in this high paced world.

Don’t get my wrong, I love routines and it helps me get things done, but sometimes I take it to the extremes! It was so refreshing to break the routine, kind of like a holiday, not to do the same old thing day in and day out.

We are not perfect, and shouldn’t pretend to be. In a way it’s inauthentic to live life pretending to be perfect. Being ‘bad’ is defined as something you feel that you shouldn’t do.

Being bad 2

My bestie and I. She brings out my best and ‘bad’! Haha.

So… how can you be ‘bad’? How could you mix up your routine? Even if it’s for a day or two, give it a go. Get outside of the office/home and work somewhere totally different. The hardest part is taking the first step, once you do, you feel so much better.

Ditch the emails, the gym or the phone calls and spend some time with friends or your loved one, poking them in the ear and joking around. Or even better, have some cheeky cuddles mid-afternoon under the blankets in this cold winter weather.

I’d love to hear from you. Comment below and let me know how you go, being ‘bad’.

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