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Being sick and one for the guys

Not sure about you, but spending over a week in bed is not my idea of fun. I have had pharyngitis for over a week… an extreme throat infection, worse than tonsillitis, except I don’t have any tonsils, so I got this. It is honestly the sickest I have ever been. It’s really knocked me for six! It did though, give me lots of time for finding some fun (and cheeky) stuff on the net.

There have been so many things I have been wanting to get completed; my study, my blog, getting my story published, my recipe eBook and of course some time for me to enjoy the things I love… Instead all I could do is look at the inside of my eyelids.

Have you ever been here before? So much to do, but no energy to even lift (swipe) a finger!? Well… that may be a bit of a white lie… I did manage to swipe down my Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds… Which did lead to some great inspiration for my blog and social media posts.

In particular I want to share some of the great resources I found for the guys… some great reads. Here’s my low-down:

The Elite Daily: A Gen Y’s take on things (for the guys as well as the girls). There are a range of different writers, who are always posting, and it is often on the subjects that don’t get addressed – sex, alcohol, drugs, as well as work, dating and entrepreneurship.

I Quit Sugar: If there are two words that may get you guys looking into your sugar intake, it’s… sexual performance! Enough said.

Dude Food: This guy knows how to cook, and yeah guys, he cooks with quinoa and chia seeds! If you don’t want to take a leaf out of our (girl’s) books, then follow this guy. He knows how to do it! I made his vegan ice-cream on the weekend. Delish! Remember the Barney Banana ice-creams we had as kids… yep!! Check it out here.

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