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Choosing a vegan diet, coming off the pill and mattered hair

– September 27th, 2014

One would think it was time to move out bush, grow my armpit hairs long and grow dreadlocks! Or as dad would say. Move in to the paddocks with the sheep and grass!

A month ago I completed an IIN module on vegan diets (Shout out to Claire Baker (This Is Lifeblood) for being the catalyst to this life changing decision). Like all dietary theories explained I decided to explore it. It was about bio-individuality right?! Working out what feels right for your body. 25 days in and I am loving it!

I am a farm girl by heart and grew up around livestock coming and going… This was the food chain and way of life as I knew it. So when I commenced the trial of a vegan diet I was so shocked. Meat was definitely a staple in my diet…and eggs…AND DAIRY… Who would ever dare give up Camembert!

In 25 days I have lost 3kgs and have never felt more energy or excitement with cooking and thinking about what to eat!

So what do you eat on a vegan diet?! It is all about preparation and this is what I eat:
Breakfast: whole grain porridge (rice, buckwheat, quinoa) with rice malt and cinnamon… Sometimes berries. Then I have my alone milk, Banana and greens balance smoothies.
Lunch: kale chips (need to keep that iron up), tomato and avocado on home made almond meal bread/rice cakes – brown of course. Quinoa patties, left over vegie stir fries… The list goes on and coming into summer… Salads!
Dinner: as above. And amazing cauliflower base pizza (thanks Sarah Wilson). I just substitute eggs with chai seeds and water and amazing nut cheese from Bendigo whole foods.

Also 3 weeks into my vegan diet I finished the final course of my contraceptive pill. Why you ask? I had been on it 12 years! And through beautiful people such as Claire and Nat Kringoudis (Debunking Ovulation) educating women, I though enough is enough let’s give this a go. So I sit here at the end or my first cycle (never thought I would be writing about veganism and periods!) and I feel great! No cramps, PMS or anything. I feel so in touch with my body. The next month or so will determine how my body goes through the contraceptive pill detox. I shall keep you posted!

(Oh and the mattered hair is just because life has been too busy/fun to waste extra time in the shower. Ha).




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