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Creating Space: Are you ok just being with you?

The thought of being alone on the weekend, with my thoughts, my space, just me, kind of scared me. I had been grappled by some crazy anxiety earlier in the week.. over work, relationships, money. Why had the anxiety monster captured me in its grasps?! Lack of self-care…

I thought I had the self-care thing all sorted. I was in a new relationship and was experiencing so much excitement, joy and love. Quality time with my guy meant love list accomplished… So I thought. But in the mean time, I had been neglecting me. After reading Mastin Kipp’s (The Daily Love) blog I did not realise that being in a relationship meant I was giving to someone else, slightly to myself, but I was not spending time and on myself. In life and particularly relationships we need to be authentically ourselves. Of course relationships need compromise, however, we need to be careful to not abandon ourselves to please another.

I realised I need me time, as an individual. So the weekend opened up some time for me to go inward and reflect. I turned on the tunes, pulled out the books, did my cards and created. I opened up space, which allowed me to reflect, feel and express so much gratitude. My cup was overflowing… I even experiences the most incredible emotional response to this phenomenal cover of a song. Check it out here. Get onto Hannah Trigwell. Incredible!

How do I feel today!? Lit up! As much as it scared me being alone, it’s exactly what I needed.

We need to continue to fill up our own cup individually, as well as a couple, this way we can give our best to our relationships and life.

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