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3 tips to decluttering and abundance


It is said that ‘our homes are a reflection of our lives. And that our lives are a reflection of our homes and offices’….


– Kate Northrup, author of Money: A love story.


That said it is so important to regularly schedule time to clear out, to declutter your physical and mental spaces, and being spring (in the southern hemisphere), what better time, than now, to do a bit of a spring clean. Like yours truly.



After completing a module on Feng Shui for financial freedom with Kate Northrup, in my business course, I couldn’t WAIT to get into every little corner of my house and THROW everything (when I moved in 12 months ago, my man complained that the ‘burn’ pile wasn’t big enough haha, he has nothing to complain about now, clutter be gone!)


So here are my top 3 reasons WHY we need to declutter and top 3 ways HOW to do so.



  1. Those of you that have done some work into the law of attraction, positive thinking etc, know that it is not just the action taking, that leads to results – There are things we can do in our home, office, mind and heart, to increase our financial well being. When you’re willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you it affirms, “I know I can have what I want. I believe the universe will provide for me. And I am enough. And I deserve it.”


  1. Clutter in your home is going to lead to stagnant energy in your finances, and it’s gonna lead to money blocks, big time! Where ever people have blocked money issues, their wealth and prosperity area is typically clogged up with old papers, and things they never used anymore. Or totally neglected – never cleaned and dull and bare!


  1. Out with the old, in with the new they say. The law of prosperity works as a vacuum, and if you have absolutely no space left, you will not receive anything new into your life! This not only goes for our homes, but also neglected bank accounts, wallets etc! We need to make changes within all our spaces, in order to make changes within our bank account.


So you may be asking now, well…




  1. Clear your $ area and make it pretty

Remember that wealth and prosperity area I mentioned (google Feng Shui grid and you will see what I mean). If you are standing at your front door, looking into your house, what is the back left corner (both up and down stairs if multi-story)? This is your wealth and prosperity area… Financial abundance, money, moola… You get the point.


Ours is our toilet both up and downstairs, and after doing this work, I realised how, subconsciously, I had been ignoring this area… It was bare, and hardly cleaned thoroughly. Our money, literally was going down the drain! Haha!


So give your wealth and prosperity area a big clean up, then add beautiful reds and oranges (colours of wealth) – pictures, ornaments, flowers, candles. Anything that makes you feel abundant and anything that you LOVE. Royal blues and purples are also associated with money.


Then schedule 30 mins once a week (or so) to target a new area of your house.


Follow points 2 and 3 to do this.


  1. Ask yourself ‘do I need this?

If no, get rid of it. If your mind tells you, you do need it, because of sentimental value etc, move to point 3.


  1. Live with what you love

When we live with what we love our home is full of joy and inspires us to be our best. So, ask yourself ‘do I love this?’ Be careful though, as there are all kinds of things that you may find you’ve been keeping for some reason, but you don’t actually love it. So I Encourage you to let go of the things that you don’t love, even if you think you ‘should’ be keeping them.


I will give you an example of this, the second (literally) that I cleaned up our wealth and prosperity area, my accountant messaged saying I was getting a tax refund of a few hundred dollars (when I was expecting a few thousand dollar bill)!


Powerful stuff! And the best part, it clears your mind, and makes you love the space you’re in even more!


Click reply and share with me, what is the one area you are neglecting the most, that you will set an alarm for 30 mins and work on THIS WEEK? x

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  1. carolyn
    September 12, 2017

    I love it ! 🙂
    its very timely, -as Im slowly finishing up my own spring clean out too 🙂

    1. admin
      September 20, 2017

      Oh that is great! How amazing does it feel!? 🙂

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