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Feminine energy and self-care

I have been fully immersed in Claire (This is Lifeblood’s) eCourse – Wild, Well and Creative these past few months. Claire you really have done it again! Thank you for allowing me to step into being wild, well and creative.

The flavour this week… masculine and feminine energies.

I never knew what this really meant, I just thought it was male and female and that feminine energy was more ‘receptive’…. Something my wellness coach and I have spoken about, especially when it came to my relationship with men.

(P.s. I drew that… first sketch in over 15 years!)

I thought I had been working on being more feminine…on letting go of control and being in the ‘flow’. Ever heard those terms and wondered to yourself, how in the hell do I manage to achieve that!? I am hearing you. But like old habits die hard, I often slip back into the logical, analytical and masculine business owner version of myself.

So, my huge ‘ah ha’ these past few weeks is 1. What worked in the way of self-care last month or last year, may not be relevant now and 2. Moving into my feminine energy has allowed that ‘flow’ to just present itself… flow in work, flow in relationships, flow in being me.

Being a busy business women, I often employ a more masculine energy…. rational, logical, analytical, competitive, striving, factual, controlling, results focused, rigid, decisive and stable. I had no idea how regularly being in this energy would impact on me.

My focus these past two weeks… getting my feminine on, and no that does not mean growing my arm hairs, burning my bras and hating on men… far from it! It is about balancing those energies and using the feminine energies to refuel me to show up for the masculine roles I play.

Feminine energy is open, intuitive, receptive, inspirational, expansive, acceptive, spontaneous, mysterious, nurturing and cyclical. Girls the biggest point to take home there… we are women, we cycle, just like the seasons of the year. It’s totally normal!

So, how do we step into our feminine energy? By talking time to refuel and not work ourselves to the ground. By saying no to others and yes to us! There can be so much guilt around taking time to do things for ourselves (that are not money driven), we are taught to work hard, but the truth is we are more productive when we have our tanks overflowing. And I tell you the days that I refuel are the days I get way more done in my business ,that just ‘slogging’ it out all day.

I now take breaks throughout my day to; have lunch in the sun, draw (yep who would have thought!), journal, read books, burn candles, read my angel cards, cook, take my time to do my hair and make-up, dance around the bathroom in my undies, sing at the top of my lungs in the car and spend time laughing with people I love.  I also make sure I get out of the office (home) and work in a cute little cafe while enjoying a chai tea or by the lake on my picnic rug.

Lake Weeroona

Lake Weeroona, Bendigo

Self-care should not feel like a chore. It should feel natural and comfortable. What fuels you? What will you commit to do for yourself today? This week? This month? I would love to hear below.

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