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Five things I learned from playing grown up


A week ago I planted my very first (adult) veggie patch. Thanks to my beautiful friend who gifted it to me for my Birthday. I then had to leave it in the capable hands of my roomies, while I headed to Shepparton to look after my cousins, while my aunty is away. I thought, this will be easy, I run two businesses, I can look after some vegies, animals and a 12 and 15 year old. I have had an amazing week and also learned lots. That comfort zone… well it’s definitely been stepped out of! So these past ten days, these are the 5 things I have learned:

  1. Support: Call on those around me… Dad has had calls about where to plant the veggies, how much to water them, what soil to use, how much pressure I should have in my tyres and how to care for an injured chicken…. Or dispose of it… More on the deceased animals later!
  1. Responsibility: It is not just me that I need to worry about, it’s not just all about me! I have had a taste for what I will be facing when I have a family. I am so grateful that I have my own businesses that will allow me to have the time and money freedom to be there for my family and juggle all the roles we play as grown ups.
  1. Flexibility: What schedule?! (hence why this blog post is late). Isn’t there some saying about working with children and animals… I now know what all my mummy friends are talking about when they say it’s hard to get things done. You never know when the dog is going to attack the chicken… and guinea pig, oh and the other guinea pig too. RIP beautiful animals!
  1. Growth: Looking after something/one other than myself has shown me what stepping outside of my comfort zone looks like and how I respond to things. I have constantly had to monitor my behaviour and look at what I am projecting to young ears and eyes watching me. Growth comes from getting outside of your comfort zone, and doing things that challenge you. I had got so good at doing that in my business, that I thought the skills would just easily transfer across.
  1. Fun: Most of all, I have learned how to be a kid again… I’ve learned how to get my hands dirty, play farm girl, laugh at life, sing at the top of my lungs in the car, dance like no one is watching and take 100 selfies a day (hmmm… I can’t really blame the 15 year old for that one!) and be spontaneous (oh and did I mention pillow fights and ‘Teen Wolf’ haha).

Thank you to my beautiful aunty for trusting in me to look after the girls, I am so grateful to be able to choose to do so. Love you all dearly.

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