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Five top tips to keep healthy while on the seas

I just got back from a cruise on the Caribbean, provided by Arbonne. It was such an incredible week of sleeping, reading, sun baking (sunscreen used of course), watching stage and aqua shows, visiting islands, cheeky vinos and food, food and more food!

The first few days were great, but then I started to feel the bloating, gas and the tummy pains… I had indulged just a little too much (but that’s ok, I was on holidays).

1. So I thought I would share my 5 top tips on keeping healthy while at sea.
Drink lots of water:  2-3 liters a day, especially if it’s warm weather and if you are drinking alcohol. I take my own water bottle. The ‘Bobble’ ones with a filter, that way, if I have to drink ‘tap’ water, it is at least being somewhat filtered.

2. Choose alcoholic beverages with less sugar in them: I go for dry white wines, red wine or my signature – vodka, still water and fresh lime (keeps me hydrated). I also try to have a few alcohol free days. This trip I only had two days of alcohol… Go me. Did someone say 4 beers and 4 shots for $10… Ops, day one in the Bahamas was fun!

3. Exercise: moving your body while on holiday can seem like a chore, make it fun. Take the stairs instead of the lift, make use of the walking track, swim laps in the pool, and even visit the gym if you’re game! They provide lots of classes, of which most are free. We did a yoga class which was meant to be on the helipad, but due to the weather it was inside. It was still great. Doing it first thing usually helps me too, then it’s done and time to relax.

4. I usually live by the 80/20 rule (80% of the time eat well, 20% treat yourself), but on holidays its more the 70/30 or even 60/40. Most of us give in and think because we are on holidays, we may as well really blow out. Try to choose whole foods most of the time (think vegies, stirfries, salads, whole meats, curries) and treat yourself to some dessert, sauces, bread or the hot chips on the side for one meal a day. While you are at it grab some fruit to take with you to snack on between meals. I also take my protein powder and shaker cup to get me through the day (which I lost on this trip, and trust me, trying to get protein into a water bottle, doesn’t work!). Lastly, wait 5 minutes before going back for your second serve at the buffet to see if you really are hungry.

5. Rest and relax: having to switch off from social media and not have to worry about a schedule was the best thing. It’s proven that stress triggers the fight and flight response, and the blood flows to the extremities and does not prioritise digestion. The body stores the food as fat, not knowing when it will be refuelled again. So not just on holidays, but in everyday life, stress contributes to that belly bulge. So just breathe and eat mindfully 🙂

Ok one more for bonus points…. get home and fill your plate with wholesome greens! I cannot wait to have my first Aussie meal…and guys, yes we do have the highest quality foods compared to the U.S! Local and seasonal the best way to eat!

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