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Five yoga poses to empower the goddess within you

Being International Women’s Day on March 8th, I thought what better time than now to write a post on yoga poses that help to empower us and increase our confidence!


So here we go:


1. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

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Stand Strong. Be Courageous. Ooze Self-Confidence


Standing poses require the use of our whole body. As in life, without a steady foundation, it is then challenging to reach your full potential. Warrior II teaches us about firm grounding in order to grown. It celebrates our unique strengths and positive qualities. It connects us to the pure power that is inside all of us, starting with our legs and extending to every muscle and joint, keeping us strong like a warrior.


Warrior II is an especially great empowering pose as it:

✔Restores a feeling of power and confidence

✔Allows us to dig deep into our hearts and hips in order to sink down low and scream out loud “I’ve got this!”


2. Tree pose (Vrksasana)

yoga, yarrawonga, bundalong, mulwala, green tara wellness, tree,

Building Foundations


To start to feel stable within ourselves, we need to connect with our roots, just like a tree. Grounding the foot and toes into the ground begins to activate the root (Muladhara) Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine and helps you feel stable in your life. It is connected to your home life, basic needs and relationships. When it is out of balance this can equal anxiety and/or depression. When balanced, it calms energy and allows you to know that all of your needs are being met.


The hip opening of this pose also helps to activate the sacral (svadisthana) Chakra, located in your pelvic region, and is related to pleasure – sex, passion or art. When out of balance a person can appear cold, unfriendly or even needy. When balanced, it helps us feel more sensual and connected in our body.


3. King of the Dancer’s (Natrajasana)

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Balance poses can highlight our state of mind. You might notice that when the mind is racing, the balance may be off. This pose is wonderful for helping you develop a sense of poise, clarity, and a steadying of the mind. Presence!



This beautiful, very feminine, however somewhat challenging pose requires focus, balance and flexibility. It embodies a sense of confidence, inner strength and complete and utter empowerment! The ultimate pose, really!


4. Chair (Utkatasana)

yoga, yarrawonga, mulwala, lake mulwala, green tara wellness, bundalong,

Chair pose brings your energy immediately inward and down to the earth, even as you rise, open-hearted, from this new, grounded place!


Chair pose is an amazing pose that helps to build focus, develop will power, stimulate the mind and reduce stress.


Just like tree pose, it too activates the root (Muladhara) Chakra = stability in your life. It provides a very grounding, yet heart-opening experience. Allowing you to activate the heart (Anahata) Chakra, which empowers us to radiate the highest aspects of our beings: compassion, unconditional love and faith.


5. Crow (Bakasana)

yoga, yarrawonga, mulwala, lake mulwala, green tara wellness, bundalong, crow pose,

Unleashing the inner child


Finding your balance in a yoga pose can help you to develop self-sufficiency, giving you an enormous confidence boost.


Arm balances allow us to participate in carefree play, encouraging us to not take ourselves too seriously. Learning to fall and rise, laughing along the way is part of our life, and yoga, experience and how we learn and grow. Laughter and humor are key ingredients in any strong relationship, particularly with ourselves.


In helping us conquer the fear of falling, practicing crow builds confidence in other areas of our lives. Many of our initial attempts in this pose may fail due to self-doubts, but employing a carefree approach, we soon overcome these fears.


It is never to late to find the courage to follow your dreams and live the life you love. Just give yourself permission to reach deep inside and go find that amazing, confident and empowered YOU!


What ignites the inner warrior or goddess within you? Comment below to share!


Together we are stronger!

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