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Food Energetics

What is food energetics exactly!?


Everything is energy right? And the energy we give out is what we get back right?

Well, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the focus is on using food to prevent and treat disease.

Instead of focusing on proteins, fats, carbs or calories, TCM focuses on the quality or energy of the food.

All foods have a distinct energy and characteristic properties that either make us healthy, balancing and nourishing our bodies, or create imbalances that result in sickness.


So, this is what we call food energetics.


Food energetics can help us build a stronger sense of health and well-being by eating different foods that respond differently in our body.


We all know the saying, “you are what you eat.”


When you eat seasonally and locally, the body is more in touch with the natural order of things and able to maintain balance from the inside out.

For example, Eating from your own garden or buying local product (e.g. farmers’ markets) will leave you feeling more connected to your area; to your home and community.

Likewise, taking advantage of the variations in our sessions is great for maintaining that balance. For example, cooling fruits and lighter greens in the summertime, when they are at their peak in harvest and heartier vegetables (e.g carrots, pumpkin) grow more abundantly in the wintertime, and add warmth to our bodies.

Another component of food energetics is cooking and eating mindfully – slowing the pace of your meals and preparing, cooking and eating in a relaxed setting. Think of adding in some great tunes, candles, wine (whatever you love) whilst cooking. We absorb more of the nutrients from our food when we are mindful of our meals.


To put this all into easy terms… You may have heard of the water or rice energy experiments:


See below the list of foods, the qualities they give and how they are processed.

And, read more here about why I avoid GMOs.


• Root vegetables

• Sweet vegetables

• Meat, fish

• Beans

• Grounded

• Relaxed

• Stewing

• Pressure cooking

• Baking

• Leafy greens

• Wheat, barley, quinoa

• Fruit

• Raw foods

• Chocolate

• Light

• Creative

• Flexible

• Boiling

• Steaming

• Gas stove cooking

• Sugar

• Caffeine

• Alcohol

• Tense

• Anxious

• Microwave cooking

• Electric stove cooking

• Factory farming

• Organic foods

• Whole foods

• Local foods

• Brown rice

• Connected

• Harmonious

• Home cooking

• Home gardening


What do you need more or less of? What makes you feel grounded and connected? Agitated and tense?

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