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Getting your creative on

I have never been an artist, a painter, a dancer, a band member, a pianist, a singer… you get the point, so that must mean I am not creative?! Well let me ask you this: what does creativity mean to you? What does it even mean? It is so different for everyone, and here is a bit of insight around what it means to me…

I had the pleasure of learning more about self-expression (creativity) and how it ties into self-care at my beautiful friend, Claire Baker’s – School of Radiant, on Sunday. After being in bed very unwell for a week prior, the trip to Melbourne was the last thing I felt like doing, but knew it would be worth the time and energy… right I was.

It was so great to connect with a beautiful friend and other amazing women. I learned a lot about myself and what it means to be creative, and yeah I did give some artistic work a go – some patterning. Honestly, I did not love it, and my patterns were very simple, but they were me! I enjoyed the colouring in, so maybe I will do that a bit more. ‘When it becomes a chore, it is not self-care anymore’ – Claire Baker. So true!

Getting your creative on 1

My attempt at patterning

 The dance part of the day though… Oh yes, give me more of that any day (and the yoga class to bring me back down to earth)! When I think of dancing, I think back to alcohol, dark nightclubs and handbag bomb fires in the middle while doing the side step… you know the one I am talking about! I would not be caught dead dancing without some ‘dutch courage’. We learned how to not care what others may be thinking and worry about getting it right. We were encouraged to just move in a way that feels good for us. Being the control freak I am, it was so empowering to let go and just be me. I felt amazing afterwards!

Getting your creative on 2

Rocking it with Groove Dancing at the School of Radiant

(photo borrowed from Claire Baker at This Is Lifeblood)

My creativity shows up in the clothes I choose to wear, how I choose to do (and colour) my hair, how I put my make-up on, taking photos, how I communicate, blogging and how I choose to move my body- yoga, dancing, aerial fun fit.

So… my take aways from this amazing day – you are not broken, you do not need to fix yourself; love yourself, warts and all. Don’t make self-care a chore – learn to do what feels good for you. Grow that comfort zone girlie… try something new. You won’t regret it. And, DANCE, dance like no-one is watching, because they are not, they are too worried about what other people are thinking of them.

Claire and I after the workshop. Such an inspiration!

Thank you to Claire and Co. and all of the women who attended the School of Radiant.

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