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Gluten-Free Vegemite

Yes, you read right! Gluten-free Vegemite… vegan of course and packed full of B vitamins.


So Vegemite is something I like to have from time to time on some delicious home-made sourdough crumpets (that recipe to follow, so keep your eyes peeled!), but as I choose to avoid gluten, I just HAD to come up with another version… So here it is:


A big shout out to Bendigo Wholefoods for the ingredients and their tip on the brewers yeast!



1/3 of a cup of black tahini

1/3 of a cup of salt reduced tamari

3 tbs of brewers yeast (or nutritional yeast)



  1. Blitz until combined! Yep that’s it. In the blender and voila, done!
  2. Spread the Vegemite on top of a warmed piece of sourdough, you may like to use a vegan butter or coconut oil (I personally try to limit/avoid these in my diet, due to the fat content, and highly processed ‘vegetable’ oils often in butters. See my post on oils). However, some smashed avocado, pine nuts and spinach is a great option!



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