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Golden Happy Times – Vegan

Serves 4

2 small bananas
3 medjool dates, pitted
1/2c water or almond milk

1/2c buckwheat groats
1tbs rice malt syrup
Pinch of baking powder
4 large squares of Lindt dark chocolate, melted, or make your own chocolate:


1 tbs cacao/cocoa powder
1tsp tahini
1 tbs rice malt syrup or 1 date blended with a tsp of warm water
3/4tsp vanilla essence
Optional: 1tbs melted coconut oil (will make the topping set on the nice-cream)


1. Blend the nice-cream ingredients then freeze in icy pole molds until set (approx 4 hours). I purchased mine from the Reject Shop for $2, bargain!
2. Coat buckwheat groats in rice malt syrup, place on a baking tray in the oven and cook for 5 minutes on 180 degrees. Remove from the oven then add the baking powder to the groats and mix with a wooden spoon. Allow to cool. Break apart into smaller pieces once cool.
3. Make the chocolate using the cacao, tahini, sugar and vanilla. Mix all ingredients together. Place in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften the mixture if required.
4. Once the nice-cream is frozen, remove from molds (running them under warm water helps) and coat in the melted chocolate using a teaspoon. While the chocolate is still runny sprinkle the buckwheat groats over the mixture. I do one section at a time with the chocolate and then the groats. The chocolate will harden quickly if you use the coconut oil in your mixture. Eat right away and enjoy!

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