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How I went from booze hound to health nut

The post that changed my life! Literally.


So as I sit here, really 4 years into my health journey, I write a very similar post to the exact same blog that would change the direction of my entire life (wow big call)!


Let’s head back 4 years ago.


One really cold June winter night snuggled up in bed, tears rolling down my face, feeling as though I was in a big, black, dark hole, with no escape, I stumbled across a blog post from one of my beautiful friends and Health Coach, Claire Baker it was titled ‘Why I’m not *gulp* getting drunk anymore’.

Why I’m *gulp* Not Getting Drunk Anymore


I remember thinking ‘pffft who wouldn’t drink!?’… It’s fun, it allows me to let my hair down, I can dance better, I am more confident etc etc.


Fast forward 4 years to now….


That’s exactly where I am! Perhaps one might say, I have even taken it a step further! I have no desire to drink alcohol! WOW! Big call! Does that mean never?! Who knows, but for right now, it just doesn’t interest me…


Did I ever in 100 years think I would be sitting right here, writing this blog!? Heck no!


So how did I get here…


Bottom line: Personal development and investing in my health and well being!


I am not sure about you, but for me alcohol was a release, it was a reward after a busy week, it was socialising, it was a way to meet men (well ok, it did work for that haha!), it was increased confidence… It was just something we did as a society.


I had my first drink at 13 or 14 (WOW so young) and I would binge drink every weekend from the time I turned 18. At university binge drinking was the norm…Not just a few drinks, but writing myself off Thursday through to Sunday most weeks! I did this for almost a decade, then starting a few years ago, I started to drink less and less.


Until…. Enter 2017.


The year I made my journey to India to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. I had stopped drinking as much in the 6 months prior as I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I also learnt more about the impacts of alcohol (impaired gut health, inflammatory, disrupted hormones), plus I wasn’t liking the hangover and poor food choices that came with it too.


I knew that heading to India would be 4 weeks of no drinking what so ever and I was actually really excited at this, although, I Really had no intention of ‘giving up’.


BUT, after ‘finding myself’… Haha, no more like after Delhi belly 3 times, and starting my hormone course, I decided it was time to focus on my hormone and gut health. But honestly giving up the alcohol was a sub-conscious choice. I suppose, all jokes aside, I had found my vice – Yoga and meditation. As you will see in my India post I have never felt more alive and lit up than in India (nothing like a bit of perspective to change things up).



‘Day 21: 200 hr YTTC

I used to get high on life via the many bottoms of beer or wine glasses… Well what I thought was high on life… But today was the best example of what getting high on life is!’


Alcohol was once my vice, now health and wellness, and living life are!


Does this mean you need to ‘give up’ alcohol?

Does this mean I will NEVER drink alcohol ever again?

Does this mean I think people who drink alcohol are bad?




Do I think we drink too much as a society?

Do I think our drinking is a reflection of our crazy, busy lives?

Do I think we have used alcohol as our escape?



So, I write this blog post to share my journey with you, and to encourage you to look at where you may be a little out of balance, and where you can create more balance, or find your ‘vice’.


I write this to encourage you to NOT use labels… Whether it is a health diagnosis, or what food you choose to eat or how much you do or do not drink.


I write this to encourage you to just begin to listen into your body and what feels right FOR YOU.


After all, your health and hormones will love you for it!


So here’s a few take away tips…


So you don’t look like a ‘dork’, if you are surrounded by people that still drink, and that is ok, people all around me do (some lots). I don’t care what people think now, but I know initially I did, so I hope this serves you.


There are so many non-alcoholic beverages. Here are a few I love:

Kombucha: They come in stubbies, so are a great disguise at any BBQ, and your gut microbes will love you for it! Remedy is the best brand, from health food stores and Coles.

Mocktails: Just ask for your favourite cocktails, minus the alcohol. You can have your cake and eat it too!

My fizz sticks: These are full of B vitamins (often depleted when we are stressed and busy) and a little bit of caffeine to keep you going all night long (if you need to keep up with those drinking).

Water (or sometimes soda water – can be a bit acidic in the body) with lemon, lime and/or mint: So refreshing and most places will have it.


The best part of this journey…


I won’t have to try and cover it when I do actually fall pregnant (winning haha), and I wake feeling amazing! Overall I have more energy, less bloating, and more zest for life! My confidence has actually soared as a result too believe it or not.


How I spend my days lights me SO FAR UP that I don’t desire other things to fill me up (like food and alcohol).


So Cheers guys!


Share with me, what are your thoughts on alcohol? On this post? I would LOVE to hear from you.

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  1. Vicki
    January 18, 2018

    A beautiful honest approach Tara that resonated with me. Coming from a competitive racing background I was told on numerous times that I was more fun when I was drinking. And I probably was being more confident and relaxed but the next day I was anything but. These days with menopause symptoms at an all time high, I have discovered that the days I do yoga and meditation and don’t drink any alcohol my hot flushes are greatly reduced. I noticed over January while holidaying that one alcoholic sip gives me an instant hot flush, to the point my face goes bright red, sweat drips down my face and people notice. So I’m cutting back. Easy now I’m home but socializing will be more difficult. This weekend will be my test.
    Cheers to you. See you on the mat soon.

    1. admin
      February 19, 2018

      Hi Vicki,

      I don’t think I ever responded online, I know we have talked offline. It takes a bit, but what was once uncomfortable, becomes comfortable.You are doing all of the right things. Well done!

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