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How to Bring More Connection into Your Life

Do you ever feel like a human ‘doing’ and not a human ‘being’… A never ending to do list, an abundance of technology that allows us to connect… Yet right now is the most disconnected we have felt!
Do you often feel that being able to connect, to others or in your yoga practise, seems impossible, and even brings up feelings of guilt when you think about connecting?


In todays blog post, I want to talk to you about the importance of connection and why and how we can use yoga to our advantage:
Why do we need to connect?
  1. Our mind and body will begin to sync.
  2. Our relationships will become more meaningful
  3. We will be more mindful in the present moment and environment
  4. Our clarity of mind and intuition will increase making difficult decision making, easy.
  5. Life will FLOW with EASE!
How do we connect?
Through yoga of course, and while yoga allows you to benefit from connecting to all of the points mentioned below, I will also give you some ideas, for off the mat. because yoga is not just that hour you spend on your mat once a week… It is a lifestyle!
  1. To the present moment: Pick a simple activity such as making a tea or having a shower and use all of your senses to connect in the present moment. What can you see, feel, hear, smell and taste? Get curious like a little child, that has never done this task before.
  2. To your body: Use a hot towel scrub or dry brushing to connect with your own body. Using body wash in the shower, or a body lotion, focus on each part of your body and really connect. Focus on everything you can sense. If the negative thoughts come in, come back to the senses and breath. Taking a mindful, mediative walk outside on the grass is another way to also come back into your body. This also helps to ground yourself. Feeling anxious before a big event? Wiggle your toes and focus on your feet. Anxiety is just heat rising in the body.
  3. To your breath: Invest some time first thing in the morning and last thing at night to focus on the breath. Or perhaps even before meals. This will also help your stress hormones decrease, and aid digestions. I encourage my students and clients to do 5 deep diagrammatic breaths, to begin. You can then move up to pranayama such as alternative nostril breathing.
  4. To your intuition: have you ever been faced with a difficult decision and not know what to do? If we all stopped and connected within for a moment, the answers would come. So I encourage you to find a quiet place, on a mat or cushion, and ask for the answer you need, then just sit and focus on the breath. The answer will come. You can also google sway test for intuition to help with decision making.
  5. To others: When was the last time you really stopped to listen to someone? Most of the time we are listening to give an answer. So stop, be present, focus on your breath and just really HEAR that person, without wanting to reply. Technology FREE zone! Set a date with those you care about to spend this time connecting, while disconnected. You will be surprised how your relationships are transformed when you do these two simple steps.

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