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How to get more out of life: Gratitude and Connection

Have you ever asked the question ‘Why Me?’


Have you ever thought, why aren’t things working out for me? Have you ever become frustrated with your other half? With friends? Family?


Of course, you are human!


However, are you often living from a place of fear or a place of love? Often fear-based thoughts come up for us, it is normal and it can be so easy to take things in our lives for granted.


So I want to share with you how you can live more from love, how you can feel more connected, more alive, more love, more gratitude in your life. Starting RIGHT. NOW!


Keep reading to find out how.



Get up, get my diary out, write 5 things I was grateful for from the day before. I thought I was doing gratitude so well. How wrong was I?! No wonder I wasn’t experiencing the full extent of what I could receive.


Those of you that work with me/know me, know that I love the saying:


The teacher will appear when the student is ready.


I had been looking for ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne for months! I couldn’t find it and was about to order it online, when, for some reason, I looked through the iBooks on my iPad… There it was. Sitting there. Waiting for me. ‘THE MAGIC’. Thank you universe!


Whatever you believe in, universe, God, Buddha etc, there are universal laws:

The law of attraction: ‘Like attracts like’

It’s because of the law of attraction that each cell in every living creature are held together. Same goes for your thoughts and emotions (together). What you think and feel, you attract to you.


Newton’s Law: ‘Every action always has an opposite and equal reaction’

Every action of giving thanks will always cause an opposite reaction of receiving!


This is all covered in Rhonda Byrne’s series (you may be familiar with ‘The Secret’), but until you get your hot little hands on it, I want to help you get started now! See the call to action below for how you can get started right now


So within a week of practicing gratitude on ‘roids’ (haha)! I started noticing more flow, less stress, more time, joy, connection, and two more books show up for me. So write these bad boys down – ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein (Big W/online) and ‘The Power of Serendipity: The Simple Way to Get Anything You Want …that no one talks about’ by Joshua Rosenthal (Founder of IIN – where I studied my health coaching)… Talk about things syncing!


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Working from home, working solo in an office, being at home with the kids, cooped up inside… it can make us disconnected.


I noticed after a weekend away… by the river with family, at a conference with work mates, in the park with a friend, over green juices as cafes and time with my man, that I had been missing out on why we are here… TO CONNECT! We are human beings and thrive on connection. I had just started studying again, had two businesses to run and had stopped connecting with my nearest and dearest as much. All I, and they, needed was a little bit of TLC.


green tara wellness, connection, friends, hug, laugh, smile,

So your call to action:

#1: a) Every morning upon waking write down 10 daily blessings and follow up with WHY you are grateful for each (WHY is so important!). E,g I am truly grateful for, with all my heart thank you for… because:…. Really FEEL it! Emotion drives action.


AND b) being L.O.V.E month… Magical Relationships. Pick 1-3 of your closest relationships. Print a picture out of them (and you if you like), place it on a piece of paper and write 5 reasons that you are grateful for them.


“Whoever has (e.g. gratitude) will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have (e.g gratitude), even what he has will be taken from him.”

– Gospel of Matthew


#2: Connect with one person, for an extended period of time, at least once a week. And don’t just talk about the weather! Get right into what’s going on for you. Vulnerability leads to connection. Check out Brene Brown’s work here for more on that.


Share with me below, what are you grateful for and why?


All my love and light x

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