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How to increase your abundance in 12 months in 3 easy steps

(photo cred: IIN)


So you may feel the topic of income is a bit left field coming from a Health coach… However, abundance is more than financial, but will be the focus of this post.


I also feel it is important to share with you how I went from being eyeballs deep in debt and having to survive on $20 a week, to being debt free! But most importantly, becoming who I am to best serve YOU and walk the talk of a healthy, happy, abundant life.


And, a health coaching actually looks at how all the aspects of you life relate. If you only have $20 to spend on food a week, you cannot live a healthy and well life (trust me I know, I have been there!)


And… Your self-worth equals your net-worth!


Feeling empowered to that thought? Feeling dis-empowered?


Well here is what you can do. You have everything within you that you need. You do not have to be defined by your circumstances:


1. Have a game plan

Whether you follow Manisha’s healthy spending pyramid (Get your copy of my Glowing Guide 2018 here, for more details on this, and financial accountability and support (plus more) for 12 months in my exclusive Facebook group – ‘Glowing Gals 2018’) or the Barefoot Investor, you need a game plan. Work out what works for you and start allocating your money, consciously. You don’t have to budget and miss out on that Sunday brekkie, you can have you cake and eat it too!


2. Work on your mindset

‘If you think you can, or you think you can’t you are right’ – Henry Ford.


Lack breads lack, and abundance breads abundance, so once you have a game plan and can see your savings begin to grow, it will impact on your psychologically. And in the wise words of my amazing friend and accountant you think ‘I can do this’ and then you are less inclined to spend money on things that don’t serve you.


I also love using the brain bully technique (another strategy we cover in your Glowing Guide 2018). Then following this up with saying/reading the following affirmations daily! Have them on your phone, in your car, at your work desk. We just need to recondition an out-conditioned mind.


Money comes to me with ease.

I accept money into my life with gratitude.

Prosperity follows me everywhere I go.

Abundance is my birthright.

I am making more money every day. I am a money magnet.

I am surrounded by opportunities to make money.

(borrowed from IIN)


3. Feng Shui your house

Find the back left corner of your house (all levels) from the door you use as your main entry (your front door). Do this by imagining your house in 9 squares (3×3). Then make sure you declutter this area. See my post on decluttering. Keep this area clean. Treat it like royalty! Because it is! It is your wealth and abundance area! Finally add in colours of abundance – red and oranges and if you like, royal blues and purple (colour of royalty right!?).


If you follow your dreams and do what is needed to move forward in your life, what is the worst-case scenario? On a scale of 1-10, what is the likelihood of this happening? Can you recover if this happens?

What is the best-case scenario if you follow your dreams? How likely is this to happen?


Trust me its pretty high that you will land on your feet, but you first need to jump… Back yourself, you can do it! Whether it’s asking for a rise, better work conditions, or quiting your job to become an entrepreneur… It may be scary at first, but it is SO worth it. TRUST ME!


If you need support in this area, contact me for Christmas coaching specials! tara@greentarawellness.com.au


I would like to take this time to give a big shout out to the amazing people in my life who have helped me build my self and financial worth – my business coaches (Lisa, IIN), my friend/accountant/financial advisor/photographer/cheer squad Jamie, my amazingly supportive man, James (you always have my back and encourage me to jump) and of course my incredible parents, who have bailed me out financially (and emotionally) a number of times!


It is a process. But keep focused, keep positive, small steps, it is worth it, you are worth it! <3


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