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How to Smash Your Goals in 2018

For most of my life I have been that ‘average’ gal… Average at sports… Average at school… Average at work. I would set goals and feel like I was never able to achieve them in the time I set…
Until I started to invest in personal development.
This taught me to stop focusing solely on the outcome, and to start focusing on the small, actionable daily, weekly and monthly steps. I have six years of tried and testing strategies, and have combined everything I have found useful into my Glowing Guide, to help us both not only keep on track, but fastback our results and today I would LOVE to share my first 3 steps to goal setting.

1. Complete your circle of life to set 3 goals

Too often we don’t set or achieve goals, as we don’t know where to start. Start with your circle of life. Rate each area 1-10 (10 being very content in this area, and 1 not content at all). Look at the 3 areas you are doing well in. Big pat on the back – yay! Then write down the 3 areas you need to focus on (or you may already have another 3 areas in mind – pick the most relevant for you).
From here follow this template:
On or before _______ (date), I will ___________________ (goal), so that ______________ (positive outcome).
e.g. On or before Dec 31 2018, I will be exercising 5 times a week for 30 minutes, so that I can feel great in my body.
Steps: (the daily, weekly and monthly actionable steps you need to take)
Set gym clothes out the night before or sleep in gym clothes
Start with 10 minutes around the block
Start with once a week in month 1, twice a week month 2… etc.
Blocks: (write down everything that will hold you back)
Time, weather, tired, kids, parents, siblings, work etc etc. Then work out what action you will take if these blocks come up.

2. Get very clear on your WHY

Emotion drives action, so knowing WHY you want to achieve this goal is very important. You may like to visualise what your life is like when this goal is achieved every morning. Or you may like to put a picture up on your fridge, on your screen saver, or somewhere to remind you constantly. Eg, you may have an image of someone you look up to, your kids, partner… what ever DRIVES you to take action on this goal. Maybe it is from a place of fear… NOT being sick, unhealthy and overweight!

3. Review and take action!

The reason we don’t achieve our goals is because we forget what they are. Every single day I use my Glowing Guide to review my goals and my why. I use this to see where I am at, and that makes me take very specific action, daily, instead of just being ‘busy’.
So, let me put my money where my mouth is…
I set my Yoga goals one month ago to nail 6 new poses by June, including the splits (which I had not done since I was 13 years old!). Two of those poses have been ticked off in 1 month! If you would like support with not only setting, but more importantly achieving your goals, you can join my LIFETIME Glowing Gals facebook page for FREE, when you purchase your hard copy of my 2018 Glowing Guide. On sale for $30 until Friday 2/1 😀 It’s never to late to start!
Watch my video here:

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