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How yoga helped me to trust and flow, and how it can help you!

How many of you are/were like I was, and get so caught up in focusing on the outcome when it comes to relationships, work, health etc etc that you have forgotten to enjoy the process!?


Forgotten to enjoy life?


I knew going to India to complete my yoga teacher training, would ‘change’ (better word – ‘enhance’) me, but I really could never have imagined how much! I thought I might have gone into my training, to be broken down emotionally, but I wasn’t (that was more physically haha).


Instead, my yoga trained helped me to realize I am enough just as I am, in this moment. In every moment.


And, yes I understand that we need to continually grow and enhance ourselves, but not to the detriment of always ‘wanting’ (future focused).


Are there times where I slip back to negative thinking? Yes of course, I am human. But these times are becoming less and less.


Yoga has helped me to be in the present, to BE in the body, get out of the mind, and to flow (physically and mentally).


Ps. How great are sun salutations for flow!?


So here is how yoga can help you to become more trusting and flowing:


Yoga creates space

In our busy lives we literally don’t stop, going from one thing to another on our to do lists. When there is no space in our lives, or minds the ‘Universe’/higher power/whatever you believe in, can deliver to you. After being on my mat for my daily practice, magical things just begin to appear in my life. Abundance since arriving back from India, is mind blowing!


Yoga is all about acceptance

Accepting what your body and mind can and cannot do in that present moment, on that present day, which will be different from day to day, week to week, and even side of body, to side of body! You begin to accept, you as the amazing whole being you are, and this filters into your everyday life, with time and practice.


Finally, and most importantly, yoga is about;


The power of now

Not focusing on the outcome, the future, what you don’t have, and really leveraging the power of now, allows us to start to enjoy the journey more, and the ‘Universe’ rewards us. It loves to see us having fun and playing. These higher vibrational energies, bring in more of that… fun and playfulness… Abundance in all areas of our lives.


‘You think you can’t get there from where and who you are at this moment because you are not yet complete or good enough, but the truth is, that here and now is the only point from where you can get there. You ‘get’ there by realizing that you are already there’.


Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now


Yoga can be your vehicle in which you practice creating this space, acceptance and presence. The more you practice and it becomes automatic, on the mat, you will then be able to generalize this off the mat.


Just flow baby, flow.


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