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Let’s Get Glowing: How stress impacts our hormones

Whether you are baby making, a mum, dealing with sugar or carb cravings, low energy, pre- or post-menopausal, or just going through the motions of your cycle (I am on day 24 – feeling more tired, hungry and introverted), this blog post is for you… Because:


Our hormones are the chemical messengers that control all of the happenings in our body. From metabolism, to blood sugar, to making babies.


So how does stress impact?


Well, let me explain; Cortisol, our stress hormone, is a bossy hormone and will win out over all other hormones. When we are stressed, cortisol increases and then our other hormones are unable to do their job. Who wants to be making babies or digesting when we are running from that proverbial ‘tiger’ (modern day clock/to do list!) anyway! The body is very smart… It is a coping mechanism!

During stress blood pressure increases (heart disease anyone!?) and sugar floods the blood (the body needs the quickest form of energy to either fight or run), this equals sugar cravings as the cells signal to the brain they are not getting sugar.

In a constantly stressed/rushed/over thinking state (most of us) the cells can become insulin resistant (remember cortisol is bossy, so insulin isn’t doing it’s job of balancing blood sugars). This can lead to high blood sugars, diabetes, and of course sugar cravings, as the body is asking for more, but insulin isn’t letting it in, as it is thinking the blood needs the sugar to fight or flight.

Cortisol (being bossy) also impacts on our sex hormones, and can cause an estrogen dominant state. Think PMS, excess weight around the mid-section, acne, brain fog, heavy bleeding.


So what can we do?! Well there are so many simple and effective daily tips that can help. Here’s a bonus one for today:






How you may ask? 3 simple ways;


1. ‘Crowd out’ inflammatory foods:

Conventionally raised meat, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, refined sugar. Choose organic, free range, grass-fed meat, almond and coconut milks, dates, rice malt syrup or coconut sugar.


2. Reduce exposure to inflammatory toxins: Antibiotics, pill, medications, alcohol.


3. Add 1tsp of turmeric to your smoothies/cooking:

With a few sprinkles of pepper and coconut or olive oil to increase absorption. These amazing products by Zandi Organics are just what the Dr ordered (simple, quick and bio-available – increase absorption). Just enter TGRP0118 for 10% off.


But if it is so quick and simple why can’t I do it Tara!?


Well your gut bugs may be causing certain cravings for you, and determining your hormones and ‘glowingness’ (yep that’s a word haha), and we are creatures of habit. We would rather stay the same than change, as change is uncertain.


So if you need support book your free 15 minute health chat, I would be happy to help, or better still, like to meet in person?! Join Bella Pelle and myself for an information night on March 21st dedicated to your health.

More info here.

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