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Miracle Morning!

‘How you start you day is how you live your day. How you live your day is how you live your life’ – Louise L. Hay…. Simple right? – Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Keep reading if you would like some tips on how to start you day to set you up for success.


Since arriving home from the Darwin I had a good old talking to my mean girl, it was no more playing small, no more sleeping in, no more procrastinating, no more checking social media every 10 minutes, no more being ‘busy’ with things that didn’t matter and didn’t bring me closer to my goals. It was game on!


So for the past 6 weeks, I have been getting up at 6am half an hour before my man, so I can invest in ME! I am now about to go for 5.30am, as I am SO in love with getting up in the morning, and completing my morning routine…SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! My businesses are booming, I have more time with the people I love, I am less stressed and I am feeling in the flow and abundant (like honestly, money and people keep attracting to me like magnets!).


Your outer world is often a reflection of your inner world, and this has been a big slap in the face to me. I need to show up for me, to show up for others. You cannot give what you do not have!


BUT…. What if your mean girl is piping up and saying ‘I am not a morning person’.. you are not alone! That was me also, a few years ago. So challenge your mean girl… is that a fact or a story you are making up in your mind from years of conditioning? For me it was conditioning… Did you know it takes only 30 days to start to cement a behaviour, to change a habit?! The thing is most of us get to day 10 or 20 and quit. If you just push through the unbearable and uncomfortable part you will arrive at the unstoppable part… Here let me show you how.


My morning:

5.50am – Alarm goes off downstairs, which means no snoozing! I go to the toilet, use my tongue scraper and do oil pulling (just started this today, so let’s see how we go – the coconut oil is in front of me on my desk, so I cannot forget right!?). I then take my probiotic.

6am – 5 minute meditation. At the moment I am in love with Tony Robbins emotional flood exercise.

6.05am – Listen to an inspirational 5 minute video on you tube

6.10amTrack my business numbers and journal: 5 things I am grateful for, 3 intentions for the day, 3 blessings, 1 affirmation (do you find affirmation writing hard? Sign up to my email for tips on this, and watch this space for my upcoming program).

6.15amReview and read my goals out loud. The reason we often don’t achieve our goals, is not because we are lazy, it is because we simply forget what they are!

6.20amTHINK... yep you heard right. Take some time to evaluate the previous day. What worked well, what didn’t. What do I need to improve on and how.

6.25amVisualise! I look at my amazing vision board, then close my eyes and image my life with all my goals completed.

6.30amMOVE IT, MOVE IT… yep exercise. Again if your mean girl is saying, ‘but I HATE exercise’… that was me too, 7 years ago and 27kgs heavier. What is more painful the pain of discipline or pain of regret?!

before and after, weight loss, health coach, healthy eating, exercise, dietWhether it is a walk, yoga or body weights, I am always starting the day with movement… gets those endorphins going.


7amBreakfast (green smoothie or at the moment home-made baked beans on home-made gluten, dairy and egg free bread – sound bland, tastes delicious) and time with my man before he goes to work.


7.30amGet ready to start my day. Listen to a soundcloud/podcast/you tube for 30 minutes while in front of the mirror.


8.30amCheck emails and social media. Allocating time for this has freed up so much TIME!


9amCommence ‘work’ (it’s not work when you love it hey! What would you call it then!?).


Now some of you may already have a lot or some of this in place, and some of you may be feeling quite overwhelmed! So, what about this… Implement one of the strategies above (or one that works for you – self care shouldn’t be a chore) for the next week. Dip your toe in the water, see how it goes, then add something else the week after.


Remember change takes time, and if we change too many things at once, it may not stick… baby steps!


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