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My Top 10 Loving Health Tips

People often ask me what makes the difference with those who get results and those who don’t?

Small, sustainable change over time is the answer.

Starting with one tip and build on it:


• Drink water.

We often mistake dehydration for hunger. Drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes. Then reassess your hunger.


• Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and dense, whole grains and good fats.
These foods provide healthy fiber and usable energy to keep you feeling full and energized longer. Healthy fats keep you satisfied and have a host of digestive and health benefits.


• Eat mindfully and chew well.

Turn off the TV and other distractions, appreciate your food, and pay attention to what you’re eating to feel full and satisfied after you eat. Put your fork down between bites and slow down. Chewing well aids digestion and slowing down gives your brain time to register you’re full before you overeat.


• Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and use smaller dishware..

Skipping meals affects your mood and blood sugar levels, and lends to overeating when you become too hungry.


• Add in to crowd out.

Don’t deprive yourself by taking away foods you enjoy. Adding in new, healthier choices will naturally crowd out some of the less healthy foods.


• Get moving.

Any type of exercise will rev up your metabolism, aid digestion, and reduce stress. Take the stairs, walk to a further train or bus stop, and do something you enjoy.


• Slow down.

Being calm and taking time to sit down and eat more slowly allows you to take in the tastes, smells, and textures of your food, leaving you more satisfied.


• Get a good night’s sleep.

We often reach for quick energy foods like caffeine and sugar when we’re lacking energy from too little rest and relaxation.


• Do something off your love list every single day

Before eating out of sheer boredom, reach for a book, an art or home improvement project, or any activity that brings you pleasure.


• Meditate/do yoga!

Deep breathing and stretching through yoga is proven to decrease anxiety, depression and dis-ease in the body. Jump on the mat, even if for 10 minutes, and see how you feel after.


Like to see how you can implement these tips into your day. Join us for our 7 day get glowing kickstart.


Love and light, Tara x


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