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Saying No.

By saying NO to something else, you are saying YES to you!

Have you ever been in that situation where a friend, lover, parent, work college asks you to do something, that you just don’t want to do? But you feel you need to do it out of obligation. If so, I get you!

Particularly as women we are conditioned to say YES to things, even when we may not want to. We don’t want to look bad or let anyone down. The guys get that too, but often they are more true to themselves and won’t do something out of obligation… Ladies, perhaps it is here that we need to take a leaf out of their book!

We think that by saying NO, we will be missing out (ever get that severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out)!? But what are you really saying YES to…? Is it YOUR wellbeing? Your energy? Your time? Your sleep? Your stress levels? Sometimes it is ok to say no.

This week I said NO to work for a few hours (I had been working all day anyway), to be with friends, out in nature, watching the stars. Which I love! I said YES to filling up my cup, to connecting with people I care about, which in turn meant I could show up to my work more readily afterwards.

So, tell me, what will you say no to this week?  Go on I dare you… be bad and say that little word… NO (without justification or excuses).

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