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Spirituality and visiting the Great Stupa

On Saturday I visited the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, which is the largest Stupa in the Western world, and it is in my own backyard – Bendigo. The Festival of Light was being held out there. Even 12 months ago I would not have been caught anywhere near any form of ‘spirituality’, but things had changed. Through my health coaching I started to learn about the great principles Buddhists live by.

Some people follow the spiritual path their parents grew up with, but for me, I was feeling a bit lost (and to be honest some days still do), however, after looking into it more, I realised Buddhism was more a way of life, not a ‘cult’. It was something I could invest as much or as little of myself into that I liked, and incorporate it into my world.

To change gears for a minute…Have you ever googled your name? Well years ago I did, and this was my first taste of Buddhism. Green Tara is a goddess of universal compassion – ‘she who saves’. Her compassion is stronger than a mother’s love for her children and she brings about longevity and protects earthly travel. She is a liberator and her right leg is positioned slightly forward, as she is ready to get up and help others. Pretty cool hey!

Years after I googled my name and decided on a career in health coaching, she kept popping up – a friend showed me a card of her she carries in her wallet, a fellow wellness coach mentioned her to me and then I received a gift from a friend – a mini statue of her! Then a chance run in with a local in Bendigo led me to the stupa, where a statue of Green Tara is to be positioned beside the Jade Green Buddha…ok universe I get it! And Green Tara Wellness was born.

Regardless of whether you are religions or spiritual, it comes down to one thing – the more we bring mindfulness into our lives (one of the main Buddhist teachings) and also recognising the whole of existence – we are not alone in this, the more we feel nourished and at peace.

Spirituality and stupa 2Click here to learn more about the Great Stupa.

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