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Strength and how to keep going!

What determines if a person pushes through their fears, limitations and hardships, versus a person who doesn’t?


This has been a hot topic of conversation with a few of my nearest and dearest lately. So I want to share a story with you, in the hope you will take a few pearls of wisdom from it, and some inspiration to keep going when the going gets tough.


I spend the weekend overflowing with gratitude, which may seem very weird, or ‘heartless’ to some, with a close family member of mine quite unwell. But it really got me reflecting and expressing gratitude for the small things in life. Life really is so short.


I could have easily given up my plans to go to a health expo on the weekend and rush to my family’s side. I am always feeling like I have to save everyone. But when I really felt into it, I realised that it was only fear holding me back, not the fact that I needed to be there for my family, they were doing okay.


So I went and I shared my love of health, well being and self-care and I am SO glad I did, as I got to connect with so many amazing people, see that we are all fighting our own battles, and also got to connect with one of my idols, Nat Kringoudis (Watch this space for more on that later!).


On the drive home I reflected and felt so much gratitude for just showing up, and the resulting impacts. I then started to think, why did I decide to show up, when others would have put it in the too hard basket…


Then the massive ‘Ah-Ha’ moment hit me. Two words… MY MUM! My amazing, strong and inspirational Mum!

Mum, Mom, Mother and daughter, love,
I had only heard within the past few months that we choose our parents, and while I thought that was a bit of ‘woo hoo’… At that time it all began to make sense. This life is given to us (good and bad) in order to test us and see if we become the person we were destined to become.


Ever since I can remember I have seen my mum go through challenge after challenge (as we all do), but it had not been until last night that I really saw the strength in this incredible woman! She is the backbone of our family, and despite her own battles, will always show up and put others first!


So I realised, I was given this amazing mum as a role model to show me that no matter what happens, keep going! I am so proud of her, the person she has become and everything that she has grown through and continues to grow through.


So I once I got home after the expo I told her how I felt. It felt so good to express my gratitude for her, because, I don’t think I do it enough. And if it were not for her (and Dad) I would not be the person I am today.


So to my beautiful Mum and Dad thank you for your strength, inspiration, encouragement and love. And remember the best is yet to come! I love you.


So my suggestions for you…

  1. CONNECT: Today reach out or grab your phone (actually CALL) and tell someone why you are grateful for them.
  2. COMMIT TO PERSON GROWTH: Read books, listen to audios, attend seminars… education is the key to growing the life you desire! Mindfulness and managing your ‘brain bully’ is critical here. Also check out my miracle morning for where to start.
  3. FEEL INTO IT: When you are considering backing out of something, ask yourself, is my excuse just a story I am making up due to fear? Or do I have a legitimate reason to say no to this opportunity? Ask yourself – if I make this decision will it get me closer to my goals? Will it matter in 4 minutes, 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 years or 40 years? If it will impact on your life for the better, or help you grow into the person you need/want to be, then I say jump in with both feet!


So here’s to you, your strength and your growth xo

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