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My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program with Tara were to expand my knowledge of nutritious whole foods and experiment in the kitchen with such foods and recipes, to incorporate self-care practices into my daily schedule by doing things for myself (pilates, walking, mindfulness activities) and to gain confidence in myself and my abilities – physically, mentally and socially.

Tara was able to help me work toward these goals by raising my awareness and identifying specific areas in my life which lacked joy and satisfaction. Tara asked probing questions to analyse what I thought was working well and helped me reflect on how I could increase overall passion in my life. I always believed that ‘Knowledge is power’ yet I now realise with guidance from Tara, that ‘Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power’. She has helped make me accountable and implement many small and meaningful habits into my daily routine, including mindfulness practices, a morning routine and experimentation with whole-food recipes.

The biggest change I have noticed since beginning work with Tara is understanding the importance of scheduling and putting my needs first. I am unable to give from an empty cup. Doing things off my ‘Love List’ daily allows me to engage in deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been taking risks without overanalyzing the situation arising. I have gained confidence in myself to speak out and express my opinions without fear of judgment. I am beginning to listen to my own intuition more and living life on my own terms.

I would describe Tara as passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated to her clients. Tara uses her own experiences and professional knowledge to help make sustainable and achievable changes in her clients lives. I would recommend her to
everyone – Anyone who wants to make positive changes in any area of their lives.
Working alongside Tara for the past 6 months has increased my passion for health and well-being and with her guidance have taken the first step into becoming a Health Coach.

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