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Thinx Period Panties

I had my first ‘Thinx’ period this month! ‘Thinx’ = period panties. I have done a lot of research on what is on the market when it comes to handling Aunt Flow… there are so many chemicals in our sanitary products these days that are not good for us or the environment… so here’s my feedback on my panties.


  • I felt sexy! They look good on and are light weight. They feel like normal undies.
  • Reusable: great for the environment
  • Cost effective – I got 3 pairs for $130 which I washed and re-used through out my cycle. Saves on buying sanitary products each month.
  • Leak proof… really, no leaks!
  • Different undies for different days of your period – light, medium and heavy flow and they come in a black and bone – covers all outfits.
  • Can be worn for the whole day (I would recommend changing no longer than 12 hours).


  • Require soaking and washing: may be challenging if you are away.
  • Probably not suitable for swimming, therefore tampons still may need to be used.

Head to shethinx.com to grab yours now! I hope to stock these soon.


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