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Top ten tips for traveling on long-haul flights

This is a post for all of my travel buddies out there.

Do you struggle on long flights? Frustrated with not sleeping, jet lag, feeling unwell, bored, frustrated? Or do you love traveling? You sleep like a baby or are too excited to sleep but that’s ok, jet lag what is that? You feel energized and excited about the movie marathon on the plane? I’ve been on both sides and I am here to share my top tips on making long haul travel bearable, even enjoyable!

  1. Get your Sporty on: Travel in comfy clothes – leggings, runners, baggy shirt, jumper, scarf… You heard Shrek … ‘Onions have layers’, for those hot and cold temperature changes. Oh and don’t forget those beautiful compression stockings. They do help with fluid retention in the legs. I also make sure I move my body hourly. My two favorite moves while on the plane: top 10 tips long haul
    1. Get that blood rushing to your head and away from your legs. Alternate one leg straight, one bent.top 10 tips long haul 2
    2. Put your ankle over your knee and with your back straight lean forward. Great stretch for the hips.
  1. Water, water water: Make sure you stay hydrated. As fun as it is to drink on the flight at the start of a holiday, this time I didn’t and I felt better for it. If you must, go for vodka and water… Still keeps the fluids up. Also have a plain water between each alcoholic drink.
  2. Arbonne Fizz Sticks and Phytosport Hydration: Number one for B vitamins and caffeine to get me through the day and time change, or if I fly in early morning and need to drive home. It keeps me alert without that big after sugar or caffeine crash and number two, which replace lost electrolytes.
  3. My iPad and iPhone: For writing blogs, reading eBooks and listening to tunes to block out the background noise. Having meditation tracks has also helped me with getting to sleep.
  4. A good book: For those times when an electronic device is not available. At the moment I am reading ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson.
  5. A travel journal: To capture my trip and debrief when things may not go as planned. I also keep a travel journal for tax purposes.
  6. Arbonne in flight products: On this trip I decided not to wear makeup, only mascara and a bit of concealer for those dark circles! During the flight I love reapplying my Re9 toner to freshen my skin (even over makeup),  Re9 eye cream for those jet lagged baggy eyes, lip moisturiser so the lips don’t miss out and Arbonne’s new Re9 Hydration Mask to keep my skin hydrated. Then just before the flight is done, I pop on my Arbonne Intelligence CC cream, concealer, ‘It’s a Long Story Mascara’ and a bit of colour to the lips with Arbonne’s lip gloss, just so I look smashing at the baggage carousel! And let’s not forget my Arbonne meal replacement shakes in place of the plane ‘food’.arbonne
  7. Blow-up neck pillow: It doesn’t take up much room and stops the old head drop. You know the one I mean… You’re almost asleep and bam! On that note, the ultimate sleeping position when there’s no option to spread across your row: I put my neck pillow on and my pillow behind my back, slide my butt to the very front of my chair, straighten my legs as far under the seat in front as I can, blanket over the top. It’s kind of like a reclining plank.
  8. Know your Neighbour: Think about the possibilities. Who will I meet this trip? What will I learn? On the way to Vegas I sat with a guy who was heading over to the USA to work on a Disney cruise ship. We chatted and laughed for most of the trip. Mainly at the two drunk boys in front of us, who were there for a good time not a long time. We didn’t need the television screens in front of us that’s for sure. Just say hi and ask about them… Family, job, hobbies etc. Every person can teach you something new.
  9. Be present in the moment: Don’t wish or want to be anywhere else, I find that’s where my frustration comes from… When I am wanting to have arrived already. It’s about the journey, embrace it, kick back and enjoy this time with yourself. Reflect on your goals, read, watch a movie, talk, listen, or just sit and breathe.

‘Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times’ – Asian Proverb.

Please share your stories below and safe travels my travel buddies!

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