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Transition & Change: 6 weeks post YTT in India

So I was hoping to get to this point, 6 weeks post India, to tell you how AMAZING and zen and yogic my life has been…. But nothing really prepares you for life after India, after an intense 4 week YTT…


And while my life has been ‘yogic’ in some regard, there have also been some challenges. That’s life hey!? I feel like the past 6 weeks has been a massive whirlwind, and I am still finding it challenging to digest, what exactly happened in my life 6 weeks ago!


So today, I am going to try and get it down, for you, so you too can learn from my experience, of big life transitions/change. But also for myself, to continue to digest this incredible life changing experience!


So here goes;




Before getting on the plan in Delhi to come home, I was hit with my 3rd bout of Delhi belly, so my focus upon landing in Australia was to heal my gut. I started back on the fermented foods, and attempted to keep my sugar intake down… Then my Birthday hit, then my man’s…. Then hormone issues…Then the cravings started.


I felt my energy fluctuate and my waist line start to expand. Then I started to beat up on myself, all this hard work in India, and look how easily you have slipped back into old habits…


Can anyone relate to that feeling of failure, when you are trying so hard to keep up a new habit?!


But then I realised, that there was something happening underneath the surface that was contributing to my decreased energy, midsection weight, and moods!…


My hormones were out of wack, and honestly, I feel like this has played the biggest impact on my health and transition back into the real world. I feel it is distorting my experiences back here in Australia.


And while this has been a huge focus for me (eating the right foods, yoga, time out for me), my businesses have also been the focus… Which brings me to point 2…




In India, our only commitment was yoga, everything else didn’t matter. So it was very easy to be in the flow, and take time out for ourselves, but upon getting home, the real world soon kicked in… Washing, cooking, sport, relationships, (still) yoga, work, oh and looking at buying a house…


For the first few weeks, I felt in the flow, on top of things, but by week 6, old habits had started to creep in…. I felt like I had to do it all and be it all!


Between being a girlfriend, a friend, a sister, a daughter, an aunt (again :)), a health coach, a public speaker and a yoga instructor, as well as studying (now studying 2 different courses), working and having a social life, there felt like little time to really stop, be in the flow and live a yogic life!


So then they started, the….


Negative thoughts:


“I am a fake”, “how can I teach yoga when I don’t know enough?”, “why are you working such long hours when you know you shouldn’t?”, “why are your hips tight again?”, “Why can’t you hold that pose like you did in India?”, “why aren’t you teaching yet, when all the other students are already teaching?”…..


My whole theme was acceptance, trust and flow in India (well it always has been, but I feel I had really nailed it in India), and now I felt like I was starting to loose these things, that I had nailed so well in India.


But you know what!? It was simply my high expectations of myself and what I thought I should and should not be and do. And yoga teaches us to just ‘be’, not think. I was in my head!


So I turned inwards to my…


Personal yoga practise:

This has been a live saver! I cannot explain how important yoga is to ones life! Each day, during the week, without fail I am on my mat between 1-2 hours, doing my meditation, breath work and asanas (poses). It makes me feel alive, so strong, so connected, so grounded! However, lately with the hormone issues I have been facing, it has been a little more challenging.


I feel that my personal practise is great during the week, however, I need to work on my weekends – one weekend we were travelling and I did not do much of anything (maybe 30 minutes the whole weekend), and I noticed the impact on my moods and body.


So while my personal practise is going well I feel I need to work on my work schedule, perception of time and…


Life long learning:


There is so much to do and learn with yoga, that I, at times, have felt overwhelmed with where to start, particularly in regards to the muscles involved with each asana. I have also wanted to summarise all of the poses, however, found myself stalling on this… (those expectations again!)


So for now, I am doing what is practical (with my 2 other courses and commitments), and I have developed tables, with different areas of the body, and what asanas benefit and contradict issues in these areas. Soon I will move onto each asana and the muscles involved, then the chakras. Practical. Something to share when I start teaching next week (eekk!).



So, honestly, no matter the type, I feel that transition and change, comes down to my final point…




Gratitude of what you have right now, and what you are learning!


I felt such intense gratitude while in India, and many times at home, I feel this too. However, it is not as strong, or there are also times that I feel like I am being ungrateful, mainly because of what is going on hormonally. I have an amazing career, beautiful man, family, friends, house… Yet at times I still find myself becoming frustrated…


I have found reflecting and visualising my time in India is helping to bring things into perspective. I just need to take the time to sit quietly and meditate on this. To give gratitude!


So moving forward here for me, just like I teach my clients, any change, any transition, takes time.


We need to focus on little steps each hour, day, week, month and year, which will lead to huge changes overtime.


We need not beat ourselves up, just be gentle. Accept. Accept where we are and that things take time. And not expect to be perfect.


I hope my journey 6 weeks post YTT in India, has helped you, whether, you are going to or have completed your yoga training, or for some other life transition, what ever it is…










Please share with me your experiences of change and transition, how you handle it, what works, what doesn’t.

All my love xoxo

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