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Travel: The only thing that costs, but makes you richer!

After 3 weeks away in the USA, I just had to share my 5 top tips to making your holidays healthy, fun and relaxing (or what ever you want them to be!)


WOW what a great time away! I just love traveling and immersing myself in different places and cultures. So, with so much to share from the trip, lets get straight into it.

5 things that made me richer this holiday:


  1. Switching off/mindfulness


Being a business owner it can be so easy to have work in the back of your mind and not be able to switch off. Are you hearing me!? Being able to switch off (to mainly work), or more to the point, switch in… into the present moment was one thing that made my trip so much richer.


There was a point where we were sitting around the dinner table with our friends and their family, and I had this great rush of gratitude come over me. Just simply for being in that present moment. The southern food, the southern style houses, the southern smells! Ah bliss! By being mindful and being in the now, and not worrying about what I had waiting for me at home, I was able to really savour each moment.


Call to action:

+ For more tips on mindfulness, click here.


  1. Self-Care


For you that may mean different things, but for me, it not only means eating well, sleeping (I have nailed that in cars and planes), moving my body, and listening to my body, but also personal development – reading, meditating, learning etc. So even though I was on holidays, I made sure I meditated daily (this grounds me and allows me to be more present), and also read (topics that I enjoy). Now this is a big thing for me. How many of you go on holidays, and spend so much time with other people (which is great, don’t get me wrong), but find yourself not so much as turning a page, and also coming home exhausted?

coble ski school, self care, yoga mat, book,Yep, I am hearing you! I was that person. I was always saying, yep I am going to read so many books on holidays, and never did. So I encourage you, next time you travel… pick up that book you have been wanting to read, let go of the FOMO (I know there is so much to do and see), and just go spend some time with you. You will be ok! You might even love it!


Call to action:

+ Maybe you could start with writing a love list of things you love to do, particularly when traveling, and then set aside some time to do it.


  1. Yoga

If I could live and breathe yoga 24/7, I would, and actually, while travelling, I began to do this (I really will be living it 24/7 in a month when I head to India to complete my yoga teacher training! EK)! I did yoga on the plane (not so much downward dog, but as much as I could without sticking my butt in people’s faces, or having the hostess’ say something haha). I think they really need to get yoga classes happening on long-haul flights. Who is with me there!? It helps so much with swelling, stretching our cramped up bodies, oxygen intake and overall wellbeing.


Each morning was yoga without fail (except for a few travel days), and even two or three times a day, at lunch, by the water, by the ocean, in Vegas. It didn’t matter where I was, as I had my mats… Thanks Walmart! Always coming through with the goods!


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Call to action:

+ How do you like to move your body? If its not a quick 15 minute yoga session in the morning, how can you bring some more incidental exercise into your day? A beach walk (topped off by a running race with mates, yep we did it!) or perhaps finding a local class and heading along (great way to meet people when traveling alone).


  1. Food


Speaking of Walmart and delivering the goods… I found some kale chips there that I fell in love with. So yummy. With all the travel we did, Walmart was a familiar place that I could fill up with some healthy (ish) snacks (non-perishable for the travels) and fruit etc.


It was quite easy to get into the trap of eating out so much, but thank-you Mexican for being my saviour. Particularly Chipotle! Non GMO, no artificial flavours, Mexican goodness. We also spend some time in cooking and enjoying the Mexican holiday ‘Cinco de Mayo’ on May 5th. I think I am going to turn into Mexican food if I am not careful! I love it!

Mexican food

As well as Mexican, Walmart and sharing meals with friends, my shakes and snack bars were my friend, oh and maca powder! Do you know how hard it is to find that stuff in the USA?! Just ask my partner! Happy hormones anyone?! Haha.

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Call to action:

+ Be prepared – think about what snacks you can take with you, or where you may be able to buy food and make it yourself. Research some local restaurants, or find the healthiest take out.


+ Eat mindfully, which will mean you’ll eat less. If you do want to try the local cuisine (which I highly recommend), that may just be very indulgent, do it! Again just do this mindfully and watch your portions.


After all you are on holidays, so enjoy it, don’t beat yourself up, but don’t stuff yourself silly either. If you keep a happy medium you will find that you don’t need to ‘punish’ your body when you return, as a lot of us do.


  1. Connection

Finally, the most important of all, and the reason most of us travel: to connect with other people and places. To be with;



friends, champagne, strawberries, vegasFriends…

friends, tacos, lillington, usa,

And my love…

The best thing about holidays is the people you meet and the relationships you strengthen. They say that traveling with people and being outside your comfort zone can show you a lot about who a person is. And can I just say, I did not think it was possible to fall in love more and more each day with one human being.


So that’s a wrap guys! Well actually, I could spend all day talking about the holiday, but you and me both have places to be.


Finally, share with me. What makes you richest when you travel? What do you need to do more or less of on your next trip?


Happy travelling x

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