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Utopia Women’s Wellness Day

‘Utopia’ – ‘an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect’.

What a fitting title for a women’s wellness event. Everything you need is within you! I love this. How many of you find yourself beating yourself up?! This was definitely the common theme that I took from the amazing presenters that I saw at Utopia last weekend. You are ENOUGH!

Ok, so I took so much away from the event (including my beautiful Buddhist cards), that this blog would have been WAY too long, so you will just have to go to Utopia next year (or book in for other events around Aus this year).

So, I’m going to break it down, one (or two)-liners from each of the presenters. Gee this is going to be tough!


Lisa Messenger – The Collective Hub (life, career, passion, purpose)

‘Ask yourself everyday…. ‘Why am I doing this?’

‘Let go and surrender to control and your purpose will drop in. If you listen enough you will see your natural direction’


Sarah Lantz – Buchi Kombucha (chemical overload, body resiliency through gut health).

‘Know where your food comes from… how is it grown, brewed, baked’.

Become a ‘Locavore’ and ‘Seasonatarian’ (eat local and seasonal food).


Jamie Gonzalez – Limitless living (Awakening the power of who we already are within us).

‘It’s not about the story but how you feel about it’

‘I let go of what I know so what’s true for me can become known’


Lola berry (Nutrition and Happiness)

‘What time is it – now, where am I – here, what am I – this moment’.

‘What would you do if nothing else mattered?’


Tara Bliss (HIGHER: Ultimate Freedom Beyond the Party)

‘You don’t have to do all the work’.

‘When you close your eyes you go back home and everything will be reorganized’.


I’d love to hear some of your favourite quotes, please share below.

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