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Vando’s Chips

So when we first got together I told my man (better known as Vando) about making our own chips. Being an avid potato fan (and me a health nut and not letting him drown his chips in oil haha), he came up with this amazing recipe. So here it is (I cannot take credit for this one!). He even knows how to knock up a good vegan pizza now! Trained well 😉


3 medium sized potatoes or 1 small sweet potato washed and cut into chips
Approx 2 cups of water to cover potato
Half tsp of garlic powder
Pinch of chili powder
1 tbs of Cajun spice



Place the potatoes in a large bowl sprinkle with garlic powder and fill with boiling water
Microwave or boil on high for 5 minutes/until tender
Remove and strain in a colander
While in the colander sprinkle with chili powder and Cajun spice. Toss until well coated
Place under the grill on high, 5 minutes each side on high until brown

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