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aranchini balls, vegan, whole food plant based, rice, sweet potato,

Vegan Aranchini (risotto) balls with Mustard-Tahini Sauce



2 cooked cups of cooked rice

1 medium sweet potato (diced and roasted for 40 minutes)

1 can coconut cream

1 cup of water

1 vegetable stock cube

1/2 diced onion

1/2 garlic clove

1 tbs fresh basil and or pasley

Ground flaxseed for rolling the balls in


Brown the onion and garlic in a large fry pan, add the rest of the ingredients, except the basil/parsley. bring to the boil and then simmer under sauce has reduced. About 45-60mins. Add parsley/basil 10 minutes before cooking ends. Allow to cool. Roll into balls in ground flaxseed and then brown the balls in a pan with water, or the smallest amount of oil. Add to the oven on 180 degrees for 30 minutes to ensure warmed through. Serve with sauce.



1 tsp dijon mustard

3 tbs tahini

6  tbs apple cider vinegar

3 tbs water.

Mix together and place in a bowl for dipping.

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