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Maca powder, maca, hormones, energy, vitality

Why you need maca powder in your life!

After coming off the pill after 12 years my hormones went into over drive… hormonal acne, severe PMS, anxiety and depression… I was a roller coaster of emotions. Not to mention the fact that in the same month I quit my Speech Pathology job, commenced a whole food plant based diet, saw my best friend and cousin marry the man of her dreams, promoted in my business, went to Fiji and had to deal with the grief of losing my cousin!


Here is one super food that got me though and I take it religiously each day in my smoothie.


What is it:

It is a plant root powder from Peru that works on your endocrine system aka it is great for our hormones – think PMS, regulating your cycle, menopause.


Why is it so good:

It is full of lots of great vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Including being a great source of calcium and magnesium. It helps increase energy, vitality, fertility and libido! Look out boys and girls. It is also an adapten, meaning it adjusts to what your body needs.


How to incorporate it:

Start small. Use between 1 to 5 teaspoons in your smoothie, cereal, bliss balls or in your tea/coffee. Since Maca is a very potent and nutrient dense food, it is best to build up a dosage slowly to ensure your body can adjust to it.


Why I can’t live without it:

At the start of the year I was on holidays and had not been taking my maca daily. During my next cycle I had the worst PMS – cramps, pain, bloating, cravings and I was an emotional wreck. I was thinking, if I have to go through this every month, I’m going back on the pill! I didn’t want this to be an option, so I started to think about what had changed… I’d stopped taking my maca! As soon as I re-introduced it, all the symptoms above disappeared… incredible!


As maca powder does have an impact on your hormones it is best to consult with your naturopath or doctor, especially if pregnant or breast feeding.

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  1. Lois Stiles
    April 6, 2017

    This will be in my shopping trolley next time I visit wollies. Thanks for the info Tara xx

    1. admin
      April 11, 2017

      It is the best Lois! Did you manage to find it at the supermarket?

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