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Women and Cycles

This post is one for the guys and a topic that some of you may grimace at…’Aunt Flow’, ‘the crimson wave’, ‘that time of the month’, ‘rags’… the list goes on.

I wrote this for the guys and gals out there, as communication is the most important thing in a relationship and being on the same page helps to eliminate conflict, especially if emotions are running high. Unlike men, women experience significant changes in their hormones over a month.

So here is the heads up for all you guys out there to be able to ride the monthly fluctuations of the month with your lover…knowledge is power. And happy wife = happy life!

Think of it just like Mother Nature… seasons and moon cycles

Did you know that each month a women experiences changes in her hormones, just as we experience the changes in the seasons? Women also begin to cycle with the moon, however, modern day technology has meant we are less in tune with the moon and often out of sync and that is ok, each woman is unique. It’s just about knowing yourself and your body.

Here’s a summary:

Day 1-6: Winter phase (period)

This is a time where we feel withdrawn, are happy to not do much and feel tired. We start to let go of the things that annoyed us in the Autumn phase – we are ready to forgive and forget. At this time we are also less motivated to achieve things, however, we know what we want in life and make a choice to commit to it. We begin to realise we are okay just as we are and it is a time to turn within and get to know the real us.

Moon: New

Day 7-13: Spring phase

Typically women have more physical energy, want to do more things, are happier with our bodies and feel more confident. We plan and take action to make things happen.

Day 14-20: Summer phase:

Women are more able to accept things as they are, can communicate our feelings in a positive way, reach out to others and create relationships, are motivated by helping others, feel more caring and nurturing towards ourselves and others, are understanding about other people’s feelings and needs, let go of control, feel emotionally strong, confident 
and happy with who we are. This is typically the time that we ovulate, so we feel sexy and want to connect with you! Making babies? This is a great time to get some practice in!

Moon: Full

Day 21-28: Autumn phase (PMS)

Women can be more tired and need more sleep to feel good, we can be impatient because we are tired and can’t think clearly, we can feel emotional highs and lows, we may
have bursts of energy and then feel exhausted. It’s at this time that we experience lots of judgmental and critical thoughts about ourselves and others, we
feel frustrated that we can’t do things, we are more restless and
experience the urge to fix problems and clear out clutter. We often want to be left alone and do nothing. This however is also a time where we can be very inspired and have lots of creative ideas.

How you can help:

  • Keep track of where your woman is at during the month. There are great apps to help you do this: https://www.helloclue.com/
  • Have an open conversation with your partner about what she needs at different times of her cycle. Each woman is different.
  • And flowers, chocolates (dark of course), breakfast in bed and lots of cuddles get extra brownie points too. 😉
  • And girls if you are reading this… don’t use your cycle as an excuse to beat up on your man… it is a partnership. Recognise when you need their support and when you need just you time.

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