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Photo cred: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/85146249184465392/

Yoga For Your Seasons

I love that more focus has been on women’s cycles, and the fact, that like mother nature, we too cycle.

I love that our cycle has been liken to the the seasons of Mother Nature – winter, spring, summer and autumn.

What does this mean for our yoga practise?

That we need to adjust our yoga practise to how we are feeling/where we are in our cycle.

Let’s get to it then:

Winter (Day 1 of your period-6): This may be a time where you take a break from your practise, or from any form of exercise. Particularly day 1-2 (or your heaviest days). You may opt for simply sitting or laying in reclined bound angle pose and meditating, or pehaps more restorative, yin yoga, if you choose to practise.

Spring: (Day 7-13): This is a time where our energy is increasing. This may be a time to begin to cherish yourself again with heart and hip opening sequences. A combination of seated and standing poses.

Summer (Ovulation: Day 14-20): This is where we are in full swing. We are feeling energetic and playful, so a standing practice to stay invigorated and harness your strength may be appropriate here. You may like to speed things up, or hold your poses for longer.

Autumn (Day 21-28 – PMS for some): This is a time where that brain bully may be in full swing, so use this time to really focus on a lying practice. Stretching through the hips and belly (such as cat cow, cobra and camel) will be beneficial for any PMS symptoms.

But what if you don’t cycle? You can attempt to sync in with the moon. Cycling at the new moon and ovulating at the full moon, or vice versa. Then using the days above in order to choose your yoga practise. Listening into your body is also the most important thing when choosing your yoga practise, regardless of what the season may be.

We are women and feminine energy is not linear, it is free and flowing and up and down, so gal, just go with the flow, on and off the mat.

Namaste xo


Photo cred: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/85146249184465392/

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