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By focusing on the root cause, which is balancing your hormones, we’ll work on quality sleepfoods to eat (fast and easy), how to manage your thoughts & how to move your body in ways that will support your hormone health. You will learn how to make this impact last forever, not just as a fad diet, so that long term you’ll experience these incredible, realistic results!


Suitable for:

- Anyone wanting long-term, ‘fadless’ improvements, focused on the root cause to get rid of your symptoms once & for all.

- Over time we work on ALL the areas of your life that lead to epic energy, unparalleled confidence & excitement for life!

- YOU: coachable, ready for long term health improvements without ‘fads’.

- 6 month container


BONUS: Extra 45-min session (13 for price of 12)

6 months of coaching

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  • During our 6 months together you go from:

     - Feeling tired & sluggish all day & going for your 5th cup of coffee

     - Being moody with your kids & partner

     - Laying awake tossing & turning at night with your mind in overdrive

     - No sex drive

     - Constantly bloated

     - Getting frustrated with having to cook so you opt for packaged food & take away which increases your waist line and bottom line in cash

     - Dreading having to exercise 

     - Resenting your family & boss because you don’t have time for you

     - Wasting time mindlessly scrolling

     - Worrying about your weight that you don’t want to leave the house

     - Feeling overwhelmed because you have so much going on



    -Waking up and feeling excited before the alarm clock even rings to start your day

    -Having an amazing relationship with your partner and family because your moods are balanced

    - Falling asleep with ease 

    - Feeling like being more intimate with your partner 

    - Feeling sexy and confident in your skin & clothes because you don’t have any more stomach pain and bloating 

    - Getting excited to cook fast, easy & nourishing meals for you & your family

    - Being motivated to move your body daily with movement you enjoy

    - Feeling YOU again, by prioritising self-care

    - More vibrancy as you have more time to look after yourself

    - Feeling calm because you have been able to outsource & manage your commitments

  • Fees are based on a whole program experience/container (calls, email/text/Voxer support, intellectual & physical property) and not based on an hourly session rate, therefore;

    - NO refunds shall be given after fourteen (14) days of the start day of this agreement or if The Client has already received any physical or digital material from Tara (Green Tara Wellness) as this intellectual material cannot be returned.

    - NO cancellation of payment plans shall occur after half of the program time has lapsed (eg, 6 weeks for 3 month program & 3 months for 6 months), even if sessions have not been complete, due to fee structure being based on a container, not just in person sessions (see above).

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