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Nourished 7 Day Reset

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Are you ready for a journey that will transform the way you look at food, your body, and your overall well-being? Are you ready to say goodbye to diet culture and hello to a positive, soul-nourishing relationship with food? If you are ready for food freedom over food fear, join the 7-Day Nourished Reset!  In a world that often pushes us toward diets, guilt, and fear surrounding food, I'm here to remind you that there's a better way—a way to nourish not just your body but your soul. This program is not about deprivation or rigid meal plans; it's about celebrating the joy of eating and creating lasting, healthy habits. What You'll Discover: ✨ Mindful Eating Foundations: Helping you to reconnect with the pleasure of eating, making it a joyful experience rather than a source of anxiety. ✨ Identify & Reframe Negative Food Associations: Often, negative associations with food are deeply ingrained in our subconscious minds. This strategy will help you break free from harmful thought patterns and cultivate a positive relationship with food. ✨Anchoring Positive Food Experiences ✨Interrupt Negative Patterns: Learning how to visualise daily will reinforce positive food associations so you have a healthy and loving relationship with food. ✨ Cultivate Food Love for the Future: Reflect on your journey, set long-term goals, and equip yourself with resources for continued nourishment. Includes 7 days of emails with 3 videos AND 1 hour 'Nourished' video replay.

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