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Get Unstuck Webinar Replay


Here are the 3 simple 'Get Unstuck' hacks, no-one shares with you!   Get the 40-minute 'Get Unstuck' presentation recording 
...And Find Out What THOUSANDS Of Women, Who Are Just Like You, Are Doing To ENHANCE their energy and EMBRACE their enoughness! What You WILL Learn On This Webinar: * What is holding you back: Identify which area/s of your life require more support * Why it is holding you back: Learn the three types of fear holding us all back * How to take action: Learn the simple questions to ask yourself and the tools to take action today!   Whats included: * 1x 40-minute 'Get Unstuck' webinar recording ($199) with Health and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach Tara Green * Circle of life review to determine what area/s of your life require your focus right now * Eight questions to ask yourself anytime you feel stuck * Explanation of NLP and health coaching is and how it can help you achieve your goals * The handbrakes on life: The three forms of fear we ALL face * An individualised strategy for you to walk away with * Exclusive access to the webinar powerpoint - $11 value * Immediate access to the circle of life PDF to complete before, during or after the session - $11 value * Copy of the 8 questions to get clarity and your outcome over and over again - $11 value $232 value for $29!

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