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Understanding Anxiousness Webinar Replay

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Stressed? Struggling to get to/stay asleep? Struggle to get out of bed/leave the house? Struggling to eat, feeling nauseous or overeating? Overdoing? Heart racing? Emotional but bottling everything up? If one or more of the above sound like something you are or have experienced, continue reading… Maybe you’re at breaking point, maybe things aren’t too bad, just yet, maybe you are terrified to face these big emotions coming up, heck maybe your terrified to click the submit button on your application to this webinar. I get you. I’ve been in a similar place before. For over 25 years I would ‘numb and run’ from my BIG emotions with alcohol, food, TV/phone and overworking/striving for perfection. I didn’t know any different. I didn’t know I was numbing and running. It came at a cost… Anxiety, depression, self harm, eating disorders and as a result huge health issues, mainly gut and hormone. In 2014 I qualified as a holistic health coach, and this firstly helped me to enhance my relationship with food & my body, then I was able to show others how to do the same. However, 2020 hit, and with it came huge stress. I didn’t know how I was going to get through it until NLP (neurolinguistic programming) crossed my path. NLP has, and still continues to change my life. It is a toolbox of mind health strategies that allows us to focus on the here and now in empowering ways and I feel so called to share some of these life changing tools with you. So please join me for this replay, even if the fear and anxious thoughts are telling you not to, and that this is to scary. Especially if the fear/anxiety is holding you back, as its the very thing we need to heal. Whats included: -Lifetime access to a 1-hr video replay dedicated to understanding why we feel anxiety, simple mind health tools to help you transform how you are feeling moment by moment & Q&A from the live call -Accompanying workbook with the exercises for you to refer back to anytime you need them

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