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Healthy Minds Meditation Audios


4 Epic Meditations To Get You Feeling Calm & Energised, Even If You Can't Meditate (Or Haven't Before)!   Why a meditation album!? #1: .1 in 5 (20%) of Australians aged 16-85 experience a mental illness in any year!!! The thoughts that can go on in our mind can either derail us or empower us. Meditation can help!   #2: Alongside the mental and emotional benefits meditation can help with; - Allergies
- Anxiety disorders
- Asthma
- Binge eating
- Depression
- Fatigue
- Heart disease
- High blood pressure
- Chronic pain
- Sleep problems
- Substance abuse   #3: I’ve seen meditation change my clients and my life! I've gone from anxious and depressed to calm and energised!   What You Will Get:   * Ideal Day Meditation: To feel and be who you want to be NOW, in order to create the life you love * Vibrant Energy Meditation: When the energy is low, this meditation should be #1 on the playlist. It will get you up and going! * Transcending fear meditation: Because too often we are afraid to feel those negative emotions, and trapped emotions great emotional and physical disease in our body (my clients have the BIGGEST transformations with this meditation) * Nurturing Night Time Meditation: Because we all need a little bit more calm at night before bed! You will get the sleep faster, sleep more soundly and wake feeling more energised! It's time to trade the socials for meditation and see your mind and body thrive! For only $11!

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