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Natural Fertility Tracking 101

FUN FACT: Only 30% of women ovulate between days 13-15… 

Happy Wellness Wednesday! 

Todays topic - Natural fertility tracking 101!

Most of us know when we are menstruating right!? 

It’s pretty obvious…

But maybe if/when we are ovulating is a little tricker to pinpoint…

So here are some fertility facts to get you started:

  • Males are fertile 100% of the time.

  • A female produces usually only one egg per cycle which can be fertilised for no more than 12 hours after release.

  • For about 6 days before ovulation, the cervix opens and produces a fertile mucus which keeps sperm alive for 3-6 days, enabling them to survive inside the female until the egg is released.

  • Due to this mucus a female is fertile about 6 days before ovulation and only 2 days after, allowing for the release and life of the egg. The rest of the time a female is infertile because the cervix is sealed with a sticky mucus plug which blocks the passage of sperm.

  • Only about 30% of females ovulate between day 13-15 - hence why it’s important to track! 

If you’d like all the nitty gritty details on how to track your ovulation for conception or contraception, CLICK HERE head to the 'Natural Fertility 101 folder, sign up and gain FREE access to my 6 page natural fertility tracking handout.

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