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Struggling to support your partner in tough times, here’s how...

Have you ever had a partner in a rough place, or maybe you’ve felt like you’re butting heads… 

Here are 3 quick tips I love sharing with my clients…

1| Validation

Instead of trying to fix & give solutions, validate then ask -

'This must be tough for you, what do you need from me/how can I help you right now?'

2| Ask them what THEY want…

Do you want me to listen or give you a solution? (We are often too quick to try and fix/solve, when the person often knows what to do, they just need an ear.

3| Ask permission

Ask permission to chat about certain topics: ‘Hey I want to chat about X, when’s a good time’

This is a really important point when someone has had a big day & the other partner just starts downloading on them, when maybe their capacity to focus/function is low.


If you’d like more support with mindset tips, be it for your relationship with yourself, your partner or others, so that you can have more calm in your life, my 1:1 coaching can help you.

It is the last 2 weeks to enrol as maternity leave begins May 17.

'Head to the work with me' tab to see how I can help, or click the 'book your FREE 15 minute discovery call' at the top of the home page to have an obligation free chat first x

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